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Griffins win the CALDER!


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Congrats to Coach Jeff Blashill and the Griffins for winning the Calder trophy last night, first one ever in team history!

Players on the team who will be regulars next season on the parent Wings include:




Players on the team who will be in the rotation with the parent Wings next season shuffling in and out to replace injured players getting valuable experience who are all NHL ready:









Not on the club is our top prospect in the organization who will have his first full season in North America next year is Calle Jarmkrok who will also be in the mix

Wow. This is the true genius of Jim Nill at work, he will be sorely missed and I wish him all the luck in the world with the Dallas Stars.

So congratulations to the 2013 Grand Rapids Griffins, see you boys at the Joe next year!!

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I think you've got to give Holland a nod here too. He's got a top 8 team, and apparently (and suprisingly) on the UPSWING with young talent becoming ready. AND we have a farm team that was tops at its level.

@flyercanuck, you are absolutely right. We Wings fans don't know how good we have it when it comes to our player development and scouting systems. I mean, how many years have we gone without anything close to a top draft pick? We lose the best defenseman of our generation, and actually go FARTHER into the playoffs than the previous season. And yet it is not unreasonable to expect even greater things from this team even as they switch to the East next year. That kind of developmental system speaks loudly to both Nill AND Holland, as well as the coaches. Even Babcock had a say in sending Blashill to GR this year.

We ARE spoiled, there's no doubt about it.

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@yave1964 Even though he spent no time in Grand Rapids, you might as well throw DeKeyser's name on to that impressive list of youngsters, just so the Flyer fans who are about to throw up can skip the whole yucky pre-throw up taste in their mouths and just get on with it....LOL!

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