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Flyers Beat Writers FREAK OUT Over Team Using Instagram to Announce Goalie,

Guest Irishjim

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Threaten Not to Cover Carnival News


YES. YESSS. My new favorite thing is totally old school hockey writers complaining about the Flyers breaking their own non-news on their own outlets from which to break non-news and frivolities. Fracking love it. It’s like old men screaming at people to get off their lawn even though their property has long since been rezoned and there’s not even a lawn there anymore– just a parking lot, a homeless guy and a few Twitter accounts.


Full article here--->  http://www.crossingbroad.com/2013/10/flyers-beat-writers-freak-out-over-team-using-instagram-to-announce-goalie-threaten-not-to-cover-carnival-news.html

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That reaction is hilarious, stupid and totally predictable.


Flyers announce all sorts of things on their own media - and they are owned by a media company


In the 21st Century you create your own content and build your brand with it.


The threat about covering the Carnival should be actionable. Certainly by the paper itself.

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LOL....they need to get a life.  Besides if I want news on the Flyers, the last place I go is the beat writers......( rolling my eyes)


PS They sound like spoiled childrem and this is their way of throwing a temper tantrum like my 2 yr old does...... LOL

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