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Interesting article..Snider is ticked at the criticism


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What's your biggest challenge, Mr. Snider, with this team with 79 games to go?

Well, our biggest challenge is to turn around a horrible start and to change the fact that we didn't make the playoffs last year and find out if we're overrating our players.


Now isn't that just an interesting quote.......



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If by going with players like......

  • Streit
  • Gill
  • Lecavalier - even though he's only 33 and it may be controversial to put him on this list, I'll add him anyway.  Though he is one of our very few goal scorers.
  • Timmo - on the roster for another year at age 38
  • Mason - young, could be really good but snakebit after playing in Columbus.  Hopefully able to rebound but I won't hold my breath.

.........Snider thinks the Flyers will be competitive and that this lineup will put the team in position to challenge for a Cup, then he may be right - they may be overrating some of their players.  They DO need to figure that out.


And I agree with delcofan and jmdodgesrt.  Giroux needs to figure out if he's going to be the greatest player in the world again.  Or just overrated.

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Snider should be ticked at Holmgren as unless the owner pulls the string behind the scene (which I doubt), it's the GM who has made those mistakes. Firing a good coach after 3 games was a move of panic in hope to diffuse the situation away from Holmgren himself, but unless the Flyers turn it around and quickly, it's only a matter of time before the GM is back in the spot light. While there's no doubt that they miss Chris Pronger, I still feel like it was a huge mistake to chose him over Mike Richards and company as it seems like the Flyers have since lost their identity. My opinion as an outsider, of course.

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Nail on the head there. He is a great player. He's still learning and adjusting, trying to figure out how to make his talent work in the role he's being asked to perform.

A flyer captain is expected to do more than say a penguins captain.

Giroux should not be wasting his time doing those things a flyer Cap is asked to do.

He should be spending his time turning defenses inside out and blowin goalies minds. He should never have been captain. He's too talented. Should have been max as far as I'm concerned.

I never thought that g was worth that kind of money. Is he a good player? Yes. I do think giving him the c was a mistake.

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Snider can suck a fart out of my butthole honestly... Does he try to win? Yes.... Does he think and prepare a strategy to do so... Absolutely not.

I appreciate his enthusiasm and pride but getting him to thin outside the Flyers box would be the equivalent of Bryz being sane... Ain't happening.

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