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Pictures from Hockey Practice


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Dig!!! I love throwback gear. That being said...

I agree with AlaskaFlyerFan- How much does that hurt?!?!?

You can order new, modern stuff with the retro look but with more protection. I used to use the very cage you're wearing as a half cage (without the chin cup). I'd recommend a Sportmask Mage RS- retro look with modern protection.

How much do those leg pads weigh after a game?!?!? Damn!!!!!

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@bunnyman They do hurt, the chest piece is a modified one piece chest protector that I cut the arms off of and I just use the torso piece now. The arms guards are a pair of SA95 Cooper arm guards. Yeah, they are pretty thin but I'm 21 and I can take it. The bruises are just temporary, I get hit in a bare spot just above my arm pit the other day, didn't feel good and I had a bruise there and last night I got hit there again so not the greatest feeling but I'm fine with it. The pads don't weigh too much, if you get holes in the pads that's where they tend to get water logged.



Nice!  What level of play?  Beginner, intermediate, or advanced?


Speaking from experience here...As you get older, you're going to want more or better protection.  The bumps & bruises hurt more & don't heal up as fast.

I'd say it's more casual than anything. Varying skill levels with each player that shows up. Some are wicked good, others are average, and some are novice. As for me I'd say I'm intermediate.



Very nice old school look. I am guessing they might have been your grandfather's pads since you are wearing the #20 CCCP jersey. Did you get him to sign them too?

Nope, there's this wonderful site called eBay. Very useful but very expensive lol. I got 4 sets of pads including those. Just in case one goes to hell.

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@goalnut3133 Thanks, basically just sanded down a regular stick, made some stencils of the KOHO logo, traced them on using a fine tip sharpie, paint them in with an enamel based paint, do the same for the red stripes, and put on two clear coats of wood protector and you got your finished product.

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