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Kyle Wellwood hanging up the skates


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30 year old Kyle Wellwood has called it a career, hanging up his skates after eight seasons in the NHL playing 489 games with 92 goals and a total of 235 points with only 36 PIMs. 

  I never understood why every season this guy had to practically beg for a job in the NHL, he always seemed to be a good third liner who could score 35-40 points a year easily, but never stuck. Jammer2 pointed out that to his knowledge Wellwood was always out of shape so I googled his name, it comes up with Kyle Wellwood fat, out of shape ripping former teammates you name it he has a rep for it. I just read a Down goes Brown column from 2009 which is a retort for Wellwood ripping the Leafs organization very funny stuff.

  A waste of talent, I remember watching him bust his butt with the Sharks and thought he would be around a long time as an underrated player in the game. Looks like his mouth, both speaking and eating has run him out of the game.

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Yeah, he already had a reputation when he was in Windsor for running his mouth and being a bad teammate.  Sucks that he could never stick with a team, because like you said, it seems like he had a decent amount of talent.

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@Haliax  Yep, you guys said it, ton's of talent, no work ethic....a shame really. We always laughed cause Eric was the polar opposite, work ethic and good teammate from the get go....and now his chance might be taken away, should he not recover fully from this horriffic injury.

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Yah @jammer2, I remember I think you said he was one of the laziest players out of Windsor. he had his spurts with us back in the day, & I thought he was an ok guy, I never heard anything about him running his mouth about any of the Nucks but that doesn't mean he didn't. At least he finally was honest with himself & hung it up. Takes more than just good talent to be a good player, you need the character too & sometimes your reputation can make or break you.

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Coasting gets you nowhere.


The Shame is, he had a lot of talent.


how many freaking people would sit on their hands like he did in his place. if I was told I have a chance to make millions of dollars to play hockey, you can bet i would flat out bring it every game, practice and in attitude.


i always approach my job in such a manner.

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