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Sabres deemed unwatchable by fans

Buffalo Rick

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Many of Buffalo's fans have now called this team "unwatchable".  So they have dove to new depths.  Miller has been the one bright spot and I really feel for him.  He will play on the Island tonight.  Three goals would probably be enough for the Sabres to break the ice but will it happen?  They played better in Chicago than in Buffalo last night and when teams are in a mess like this, the road is more kind than being booed constantly at home.   If you were on the team would you not rather play anywhere than the Niagra Center?  What a disastrous start.   And not just for us either as I look at the Standings.  We are not alone.  


If Regier is backing Rolston, how long can he do this?  He fires a guy like Lindy Ruff who has a proven record of success but how long can Pegula tolerate this?  If he is even watching

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Junkie- how has attendance been for the home games? Are fans showing their displeasure by staying home?




Four home games, 96.5% filled. 18,408 per game is 11th in the league.


This is a town that still sells out Bills games for a team that hasn't been the playoffs for a decade.

They love their town, they love their teams.


That said, I think it may drop off in the second half. You do have quite a number of STHs and many of them can sell off to Canadian teams (Habs (Hamilton is their AHL affiliate), Leafs) which keeps the numbers high.

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What exactly was Ruff's record of success? He has 571 wins... but it took 1165 games to get there. That's a .490 winning percentage. Now, I liked Ruff. He led then to two 50+ win seasons, and a Stanley Cup final. But what did he do that wasn't replaceable? What record of success is a .490 percentage? Throw in ties and he's a .559... That's better, but nothing special.

571-432-162 career record. He had a few moments, but it was definitely time for a change!

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