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The legend of Stuarto Pidasso


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Stuarto Pidasso, a.k.a. "Big Stu" Pidasso was born in St. Louis, MO in 1972. He played hockey from six months old, even though records show he was on his high school team as the bench warmer in 1987. But Stu says he played all that time.

Stu was on a Junior B squad in the late '80s in a town he can't recall. Then he catapulted to a Junior A squad in Moose Piss, Manitoba. "When I played for the Moose Piss Trees, this is where I went toe-to-toe with Lindros and Weight. I was the enforcer on my Junior A team."

Even though both slight in build and short in height, Stu was the most aggressive enforcer. "I got Lindros' sweater over his head in one fight. I clocked him a time or two, then got his autograph 'cos i knew he was gonna be a super star!!!"

Then Stu was drafted by the Rapid City Raging Rabbits in 1990: "Yep, that was a blast being on that semi-pro team. I was paid $25 per game. Fun stuff. Can't remember anybody's names. Bad concussions. But my Gretzky-profiled skates and custom-ordered Titan gloves were bought at Gunzo's in Chicago."

Here's Stu's sweater:


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Stu now recalls the nickname and location of his Junior B team: "I played for the Frostbite Falls Snowflakes. I was a high-scoring left winger on the enforcer line."

We are on the search for one of Stu's old Snowflakes sweaters...

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