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Hoping for a speedy recovery.

He has youth and conditioning on his side, so if he somehow made it back in time to help the Lightning seal away a playoff spot, it wouldn't surprise me in the least.


In the meantime, it is time for the vets on the team to really step up their game, and some of the younger guys to grow up just a bit quicker.


Jon Cooper said it best and I agree: this is a team game and there is much talent here!


Also, it was mentioned, while Stamkos is a HUGE reason this team goes, he is NOT the whole team, and there are many other reasons in the forms of other players as to why this team has turned things around thus far.


Hey, if Crosby can be injured, then come back and help bolster his team late in the season, so can Stamkos.

Get well, Stammer!

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**Thread **BUMP**


....and Stamkos update...


Just heard a few minutes ago from NHL Network, that Steve Stamkos is WALKING without the use of crutches or a walking boot...he had a steel rod inserted into his leg during surgery.

They also said while no time table for his return has been set, him being around for crunch time towards the end of the season is NOT impossible!


Good news indeed for Bolts fans.......and fantastic news for the player himself.

Stamkos has so much more left to do in his career, and I am sure the NHL would love to have his skills back on the ice helping to push the NHL product as a whole.


Will keep my fingers crossed that everything continues to go well for him and that he can be back as good as new soon.   :)



Here is a link from NHL.com



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