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The Split: Why was Ted Nolan out of the NHL for so long?


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  People will laugh, but I can't see the USA or any other team bringing it harder than Latvia did. I mean, I know the US is tougher and faster, but I have a TON of respect for Latvia. They played like their lives were on the line!


The first period, I was like.....WTF is going on here!!  Latvia was seriously hitting for all they were worth. It didn't last long, after a while, Canada dominated positionally for long enough that they were dead tired defending like beasts in there own zone. Every single guy bought was Nolan was selling, I tell you that. They just let it all hang out. To the point where Oscar Bartulis looked like a man possessed against Canadian forwards, fighting and clawing for every single inch of real estate in front of his goalie. This was good for Canada, to be in yet another tight game with no margin for error. I'm ok with it, of course I wanna see the offense explode, but tight games like this, they build team character....AND allow the defensive pairs to become more in sync.

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 He tried to get his gm fired...so he was blackballed by the other gms. He's proven to be a good coach everywhere he's been.


The Sabres did fire Muckler. Regeir then offered Nolan a one year deal, which was declined. Nolan declined two subsequent offers (Tampa and islanders).


When you turn down three offers of employment in a row, it's not terribly surprising that a lot more don't follow them.


The real culprit of the Muckler situation was Hasek - who outright quit on the team.

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 I thought Nolan and Hasek butted heads, and Muckler sided with Hasek. Then Nolan went over Mucklers head to the owner when only offered a one year.


  It's a long time ago, and I'm sure you got the horses mouth version when you lived in Buffalo.


I'm going by teh Google.


Teh Google says Regeir offered Nolan a one-year, $500K when Regier replaced Muckler and Nolan turned it down because he thought it was somewhat insulting given his accomplishments with the team.


Then he was too good for Tampa and too good for the Islanders.


When your basic position is that you're too good to accept the offers you're getting, for me, it's not surprising the offers dry up.

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