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Lower Salary Cap next year?


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Granted this is only one mention/thread but imagine the implications if the cap goes down.

@capgeek: Among items that may have been missed yesterday, @helenenothelen reported 2014-15 cap could be as low as $68M due to decline in CDN dollar.

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  So, if the Canadian dollar plummets to 80 cents, the cap goes down to 50 mill.....LOL, how does that work?? You'd have teams needing to slash all kinds of salary and not having the means to do so. This year we had the compliance buy outs to help...but say the dollar goes to even 75 cents, which has happened, how do they factor in that and still have the teams compliant?  I would guess they would have to open up the CBA, give a few perks to the NHLPA for doing so, and create another buy out situation...thats all I can think of.

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