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If you could.....


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....play on any NHL team other than you own, who would it be?


You must consider all the factors in play.


How good is the team now? How bright is the future? Nice arena or a dump?  What kind of fans? Weather? Big city or small? Heck, even the uniform color.


My winner is the Minnesota Wild.

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 My team would be Montreal, for one season anyway. I love the city, love Quebec, hate their winter but it would be worth it to play there for one wonderful season. I don't speak a lick of French but whenever the game is on NHL Network in French we watch at least a period of it, partially to laugh at the commercials and partially because I am fairly certain somewhere in an obscure passage in the bible it states the game sounds better in French than English and therefore should be listened to at least once every year.

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 I'd play for Pittsburgh. I'd spend the entire game either cheapshotting Neal, diving all over the ice or scoring in my own net.


 Seriously? I've never thought this way before but...Buffalo. I think Nolan would be a great coach, and they are going to be loaded with great young players over the next few seasons. Their D is already overloaded with great young players and prospects and they may get Ekblad this year.


 If it's for location, I'm going Canucks.

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The Sharks baby.


I may be Canadian, but I would LOVE to live on the beach in sunny Socal even on the league minimum. $500000 a year is not a small amount of money. Assuming I am a middle of the pack player making 2-4 million a year, even better. A lot of the Sharks live literally in the same neighbourhood and talk about how they love it there. you even see guys who could have made a lot on the free agent market take paycuts to stay with the team. Tight knit group. Owners have the right idea and the team sells out every game. They treat their players very well.


Jersey Color I love. The team would benefit from a guy like me (attitude). At any job I have ever worked, I go full tilt, and force myself through pain, 100% effort and call out guys who are not doing the same unless they have a good reason. I would probably get penalty trouble at first because NOBODY takes a cheap shot at me without getting retribution. I believe in getting even. I have only fought on skates once, but I have great balance and it was a cakewalk for me, even though I am only 6ft 170lbs, and since then, I have trained in combat sports and really learned how to get my base and kinetic energy into a punch lol. I would also not be beyond spearing a guy in behind the knee when skating behind him if he was trying to hit and hide.


If anything, i would have to train myself not to throw knees and kicks

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I'm with @yave1964

Montreal or...or Toronto, I would love the glare of playing in those two cities, with all that history. The Habs road sweater is one of my favorites. And I love the royal blue in the Leafs . I'd be into it, I'd also do this before I was married so f/c puck bunnies with questionable morals would be a guilt free perk.

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