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OT- Help! my STH privileges revoked due to "excessive cheering"


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Believe it or not I actually was scolded by another fan for excessive cheering in 2010.  I was by myself at a game as my borther could not go and he could not sell his ticket, so I took his ticket and traded our 2 seats in the upper level for a single lower level seat (as scalpers have a hard time selling 1 ticket and sometimes will do a 2 for 1 swap).


Anyway I had one of these paper "clap fans" that they gave out a few games ago that make noise like hand clapping except it is a little louder and it saves your hands from being sore.  I was trying to enhance the Lets Go Flyers Chant with this contraption when this kid who looked to be about 13 who was sitting in front of me asked me to "please stop doing that thing you are doing".  I said "excuse me?" and he told me again.  I told him that we were at a hockey game and that the idea was to cheer for your team and be as loud as you can and that it was not like I was blowing an air horn in his ear or something.  He would not relent about it and once I sensed he may look for a guard I decided to just put it away as I didnt want to miss any of the game out on the concourse the guards pleading my case.  Then to make matters worse this kid got pissed at me for complaining out loud about a non-call when a Flyers was clearly pulled down.  He told me that that was clearly not a penalty as he refs games on the side and would know.


I was like wow it really is different down here in the lower level!  I couldn't wait to get back upstars with the schlubs who like to cheer like me!    

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