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Panthers win draft lottery


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  The Florida Panthers have won the draft lottery among the leagues also rans. The draft order for the playoff challenged:


1. Florida

2. Buffalo

3. Edomonton

4. Calgary

5. Islanders

6. Vancouver

7. Carolina

8. Toronto

9. Winnipeg

10 Anaheim (From Ottawa for Bobby Ryan)

11 Nashville

12. Phoenix

13. Washington


Also the Devils are locked in at the #30 pick that they received back from the league in the whole Kovie thing.


  The Isles will likely hold onto the number five pick and role the dice on a better season next year as either this or next they have to give up a number one to Buffalo in the ill fated Vanek deal from the season just past.


  And how bad does it look for the Senators now giving up Silferberg and the 10th pick in the draft for Ryan?


  But anyway, Florida is on the clock.

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  Funny how all this worked out. Had the Oilers lost the last game, also known as the Ryan Smyth retirement game, they would have finished second last and got the first pick again....they came real close to doing it again. Should be interesting to see how winning that last game changes the Oilers fortunes....could be positive or could be devastatingly bad....time will tell.

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hey gotta be wishing they were sitting here one year from now and got a chance at the McDavid pick......


Pitts and Toronto say hello. 


Seriously, I don't see Buffalo turning it around next year (not bashing), but they will be the front runners. 

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I'm happy...Buffalo picks 2nd, Ekblad should go 2nd, Buffalo is loaded with defensive prospects, Ekblad should be back in Barrie next season! :)


I dunno. If I'm Florida, I pick Ekblad. I value defense more than offense.

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Fair enough. I just think in the absence of a player that you just can't pass on (which seems to be the case, if Bennett and Reinhart are interchangeable at 1/3), given all of Florida's holes, I take the guy voted top offensive AND top defensive defenseman, who happens to be rated #2.

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 Bobby Mac still has Ekblad at #1. It's certainly possible he goes there. I don't care who he goes to as long as they leave him here one more year.

My personal opinion is if the Panthers go Ekblad number one there is absolutely no way no how that he returns to juniors. The Panthers more than about any team are a bunch of nameless faceless players and in need of a personality. Ekblad would go a long way towards fixing that.

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