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Josh Harding placed on Waivers


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The Wild have activated Harding from the IR and placed him on waivers with intent to send him to Iowa IF he clears.   The Wild didn't want to keep him on the 23 man roster "looking over Kuemper's shoulder" as reported by Michael Russo.


Hmmmmm... could the altercation back in training camp have a double meaning here?

Does anyone think Harding will be claimed of waivers? The Devils maybe? There is still the issue Wirth dealing with his MS, as he hasn't played in 11 months.

Harding is in the final year of his contract at a cap hit of 1.9 million.   It will be interesting to see what happens, but chances are he won't be wearing a Wild sweater again.

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Columbus would be perfect. Mcelhanny was horrible when Bob was out, and Anton Forsberg showed he is nowhere near ready. I would love to see Harding backing up bob.


Hmmm. Maybe I forgot, but I don't think Richards really gave Harding much of a chance when he was in Minnesota?  Thus I'd be surprised if he would now.  

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Harding has indeed cleared waivers and is now assigned to Iowa.


From the Minneapolis Star Tribune:



Should Harding actually be able to play, needless to say, the baby Wild have themselves a very good goaltender...however, Harding's state of mind in dealing with his condition, his issues in staying healthy at the start of this season, and subsequent demotion to Iowa could loom large here.


I really feel bad for the guy. He was on the cusp of being able to carry the Minnesota Wild as it's starting goaltender before he was diagnosed, and at age 30, 31, he may very well see his career come to a screeching halt just as it looked like it was going to take off with a good team.


Will anyone scoop him up out of the minors, where I assume, the Wild will basically have him buried for the remainder of his contract for this season?

Or will anyone give him a shot next season when he is a FA?

Will he even be ABLE to play without issue the rest of this season...let alone next season?


MS is a horrible, horrible condition...and it only gets worse over time. Thus the longer Harding is away from the NHL, the more likely it is that he may never see NHL ice again.

At some point, the man and his family simply have to look at his quality of life away from pro sports.

Even if his career is near its end, he is far too young to give up on other things in life, especially family.


I understand fully the Wild's position here, but also, wish Harding all the best and thank him very much for his time and effort while with the Wild.

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