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I'm at a high school game today.  I'm always early, because I like to watch warm-ups.  After awhile, a couple climbs up into the stands and sits next to me.  They have a son on the team playing against my grandson's team.  They are very nice.  We exchange friendly banter.

The stands fill.  The game starts.  There's a woman behind me who is annoying as hell.  Bangs her boot against the metal bleachers to make a racket.  She's not  a kid, gotta be at least sixty.  A screaming jerk.

So, during a lull, I say to the new friend sitting next to me "I'm getting tired of that obnoxious a##hole and her noise".

My new acquaintance looks back and says "That's my mother".

Didn't talk much after that.

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LOL...sucks when YOU aren't the one doing anything wrong, but then, somehow, you are made to feel that way....

I feel for ya @blocker , but in your defense, that WAS rather inconsiderate of her. I probably would have further explored the conversation with the couple regarding their mother, but that is me.....and I can drip with sarcasm and passive aggressive commentary with the best of them...and ALL with a friendly smile on my face!

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46 minutes ago, BluPuk said:

I think there's a clue in the fact that they weren't sitting together? My guess is they felt the same way you did. :cool[1]:

Uh, no, because @blocker didn't have to repeatedly say to himself with every kicking spat, "<sigh> I'm actually related to that obnoxious a##hole." Nor did he have to feel the depression that likely follows after thinking to oneself that because you know her so well, that you KNOW that there is absolutely nothing you can do or say that will change what that person is doing. Great way to make going to a hockey game torture.

What else could we do to ruin the game? Maybe a shootout! :hyper:

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