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"The Bravest Guy I Know" by Cam Ward


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Thanks for sharing that. That hits home i think i got some dust in my eye here at work.


Best thing to ever happen to me my wife and then we made my lil girl who is about to start kindergarten and about to lose her 1st tooth. Best 5 years of my life. Children are a blessing.

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22 hours ago, flyercanuck said:

This is pretty good...




Think I got something in my eye.


I think someone left some onions near my computer. Eyes rarely water like this.


In all seriousness, stories like this never get old.  Always good to be reminded that athletes are human to. Props to Cam, Nolan and especially Cam's wife.  

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1 hour ago, jammer2 said:

Coming in late, but awesome story....


Me too...just read it now.  Great story....Sometimes we all forget that hockey players have real families too and suffer some of the same problems that we face.  His son is adorable!


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