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So a few years ago I was at a News Years Eve party and we were taking hockey. So one of my friends came up with a question that I thought was pretty cool. He asked all of us to come up with a GM, a Coach and a Player that we really liked but never had any affiliation with our favorite team. (In my case the New York Rangers) So my answers were:


1. GM: Ken Holland (Detroit)

2. Coach: Coach Q. (Chicago) 

3. Player: Martin St. Louis  (This was before he was a Ranger)


If you want to play, name your fav team and then the gm, coach & player that never played, coached or ran the team


Hope to Hear from you...

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I have dual citizenship in the NHL, so my answers will have to be a GM, Coach or Player not associated with TWO teams.... :dancing:


Fav Teams: Lightning / Wild


GM: Ray Shero....don't like the Penguins, but one cannot argue with his record or his front office work...and he could be poised to repeat his work with the Devils. I wonder what he'd be like as a Wild GM?

Probably a step or three above current GM Chuck Fletcher.


COACH: Pat Burns. Simply a winner no matter where he was. Commanded the respect of everyone in the locker room (so I am told), and his teams were NEVER push overs. Either the Wild or Lightning could benefit from a Pat Burns in his prime... R.I.P.


PLAYER: Sergei Federov. Would have LOVED to have had this guy skate in Bolt Black, Blue n Silver back in the 90's!

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Favorite Team: Senators (You KNOW I wouldn't take one of our GMs even if it wasn't a rule. Lol)


GM: Keith Allen. Why not take the guy that most on this forum can't? Allen built a winner in his own way. He didn't do it through speed and finesse, but through brute strength. The Broad Street Bullies were unlike anyone else, but they were an excellent team throughout the 70s, and those two Stanley Cup winners could give any other champion a battle at the least.


Coach: Scottie Bowman. The man did nothing but win, win, win wherever he went. He's about a light year ahead of everyone else in wins, and he won Cups with three teams. He's obviously not exactly known as a laugh riot or anything, but his presence and success always demanded respect. He didn't have to speak for himself, because the results did.


Player: Vladislav Tretiak. I can't tell you how much I wish we could have seen Tretiak in the NHL. I honestly believe that the Iron Curtain robbed North America of an opportunity to see an absolute great in action. It seems so unfair that he's most widely associated with two losses in the US and Canada, because I believe he could have gone toe to toe with anyone. He wanted the chance, but it was denied. It really gives me a soft spot for the guy.

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