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Wild Sign 3 Forwards: Damien Giroux, Adam Beckman and Mitchell Chaffee to contracts


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11 hours ago, Icechipper said:

What again is the stratagem of signing Beckmann, we're told he is 18, when he's almost certainly headed back to his junior team for the 2020-2021 season...?


Beckman had a great year. If the Wild don't sign him before the 2021 draft, he can re-enter the draft. If he continues to have another great year, he may take his chances on moving up in the draft, where he may command a bigger signing bonus, etc. Plus the Wild would lose a potentially decent prospect.

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I think there is no drawback from signing any of these forwards.  Next season, the team will no doubt let some of its older players that were helping carry the mail in Iowa move on with their careers and give more of the prospects the ice time and opportunity to develop.  


As I see it...


Damien Giroux

Connor Dewar

Brandon Duhaime

Mason Shaw

Mitchell Chaffee

Will Bitten

Gerald Mayhew

Ivan Lodnia

Dmitry Sokolov

Luke Johnson

Gabriel Dumont

Alexander Khovanov


Will probably be the forwards in Iowa next year.  On defense...they only have two under contract already.  The rest are RFA's and one UFA.  


Fedor Gordeev

Calen Addison


My guess is they will re-sign...


Brennan Menell

Louie Belpedio


Stepan Falkovsky had a good year for Allen, but they already have one giant blueliner in Gordeev.  But do they really want to keep Hunter Warner?!?!  Not sure.  


Between the pipes...the top two options are both RFA's.  


Hunter Jones - signed

Kaapo Kahkonen 

Mat Robson

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On 3/24/2020 at 12:41 PM, CreaseAndAssist said:

Wild Sign 3 Forwards: Damien Giroux, Adam Beckman and Mitchell Chaffee


I share my thoughts on the 3 forwards the Wild signed over the last two days, I have video and stats too!  Enjoy and discuss...

Thanks LIG. Good post  as well as good choice for the Wild organization.

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Hmm...not sure why the links are not working.  Let me see if I can post them here.  









Those are all the videos I had in my article.  Also, I updated it to include the fact the Wild signed Hunter Jones to an entry level deal.  So could this mean Dubnyk is more or less going to be brushed aside and Kahkonen moves up while Jones and Robson man the crease in Iowa?!?!  

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I liked the determination of the 7 year old Hunter Jones in the YouTube clip story. Not many kids would have had the determination to stay with their wish to switch roles for a year, and not many fathers would have required the wish to live for a year. Hunter is a good name for a kid that seems to set his sights to something he wants with a certain doggedness. He gave a good impression about his character.


Filip Johansson spoke about being happy to go to Frolunda, which is a good team known for its training. He seemed to emphasise the training and his development. He was asked about the new arena as well, which he seemed happy about as well ( - perhaps this tells about a major change, that could help when he switches over to North America. His former team was from a really small town while Frolunda plays in the second biggest town in Sweden.

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12 hours ago, Icechipper said:

Beckmann a thrill to watch on those highlife so, a combination of speed and shooting accuracy....

Surprise as well, I'd say. If I would look at him trying to guess when he is shooting, I'd fail miserably. I'm really no goalie, but he looks unpredictable to me.

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What might add to the hopes for Beckman, is that his body maturity and strength isn't anywhere near its potential.  While he may never be lightning fast, IMO adding eventual power to his existing skill set makes him an outstanding prospect.

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