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  1. Skating issues. Inconsistent. Tries to get too cute.
  2. As long as Leipold owns this team...their floor and ceiling are about the same...mediocre! P.S. Anyone who can't see that Leipold IS the problem...probably can't see the forest through the trees either...
  3. Speak for yourself... If we aren't supposed to be excited about Robson...or apparently any prospect, why do you write so much about them? I'm excited about this signing! I was very impressed with his game at the college level and I am excited to see if it translates to the professional levels too. Unless I'm misinterpreting something...I don't understand your problem with any of this.
  4. Robson is a legit goalie prospect and a good signing for the Wild. He's got a very good glove and is always in the right place to make the save. While he won't wow you with the miraculous saves very often, he is sound, stable and very even-keeled. He's got a legit chance of playing in the NHL in a year or two...IMO.
  5. Talk about exciting... On paper, it's an absolute horrible trade!
  6. Not with the money Boudreau is making...
  7. On top of being soft, I keep reading about Rask's effort and skating issues. If this it true, he has to be one of the very last players I would want to add to my team! Until I see something different, the only value the Wild got back for Nino is $1.25million in cap savings... Also, I would have traded Zucker LOOOOOOOONG before I would have moved Nino. Zucker is, always has been, and always will be...the other team's best puck moving defenseman! He is a 1/2 second slow on all his decisions, can't catch or make a pass and has the most useless speed in hockey! While Nino has been horrible offensively this season, he still did a lot more to help the team than Zucker does. Side note: Trading Coyle would be one of the dumbest things Fenton could do! Yes, he frustrates the crap out of me (and us), but he has been a top 5 player (on a crappy team...) for the Wild since his full-time move to center. Big, strong, fast, skilled, right-shot centers making $3.2million a season do not grow on trees. Unless he gets blown away with an offer...Coyle should stay put.
  8. It's just a very strong gut feeling...and I certainly hope I'm wrong! But, my douche bag meter pings very strongly every time I see or hear Leipold...
  9. I have no proof, but I am convinced Leipold is very much a hands-on owner and Fletcher was, and now Fenton is...ultimately just the assistant GM. Spending to the cap is (IMO) a PR move by Leipold...and an easy way to look good and allows him throw his GMs and coaches on the knife. He's a very smart man and insulates himself from fanbase ire with his public image...and a very effective marketing team. I think everything he does is calculated to enhance his public persona...and I happen to think he's nothing but a douchebag phony like Red McCombs was... Again, I have no real proof...but have very strong inclinations about this! I joke with my buddies about my innate ability to rate people on my "douche bag meter" and Leipold scores very high on it!
  10. So I get the 3 beers if he's fired and you get 1 beer if he doesn't? Deal. I know it's a stretch, but I think there is a solid chance this team sh!ts the bed and Boudreau falls on the knife for it.
  11. Bitten is in the first year of his entry level contract. He's a potential bottom 6 energy guy who competes his arse off every shift...plus, he shoots right-handed, so that's a good thing. As for Fenton's "grade" so far... I consider it an "incomplete." I, like most of us, was hoping for some significant changes to this team's roster, and makeup. However, looking at what players like Pacioretty and Karlsson were traded for, I think Fenton was prudent to be patient. Trading players for the sake of trading players is a sign of weakness and vulnerability. Players I wouldn't be surprised if they were moved at the deadline, or prior to next season: Staal, Koivu, Spurgeon, Brodin, and Zucker or Neiderrieter. As I predicted in the Over/Under thread...I don't think Boudreau survives this season. Time will tell...
  12. Here's a prediction for you... Boudreau doesn't make it through the season.
  13. I completely agree! There is SO much more there with Brodin. On top of his all-world skating ability, he has a very underrated shot too. Both his wrister and slapshot are very good. I think he easily has the skillset to be a 30-40 pt/year defenseman...IF...IF he was more assertive and aggressive.
  14. Injuries/games played void nothing. Staal - 34 Zucker - 33 Niederrieter - 25 Parise - 21 Granlund - 20 Coyle - 19 Dumba - 14 Koivu - 12 Ek - 15 Greenway - 12 Spurgeon - 8 Foligno - 8 Suter - 7 Brodin - 6 Brown - 5 Kunin - 5 Kloos - 4 Fehr - 4 Hendricks - 3 Read - 3 Rau - 2 Seeler - 2 Pateryn - 1 Prosser - 1 Discuss/Place your bets...

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