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  1. I guess I will have to dig out the old flyers videos for now... Blood sweat and tears... Vintage hockey fights, bone crushing checks
  2. I understand why they suspended the season!! But damn it couldn't have happened at a worse time, the the best time of the season, the push for the playoffs.... I will be lost for a while, jonesin' for hockey to restart.... Damn virus!!!
  3. Which dickhead? Trump or Kim jerk un (or whatever the phuck?)
  4. Or are you that convinced he's done???
  5. Would you have taken him at 5mil ???? He didn't demand the 8mil most of you thought he would... So would you have taken him at 5mil$?
  6. I didn't think Chuck would be shopping in the bargain basement!! Way to spend the extra cap money on bringing in players who don't have big question marks behind their names, which one of these guys does he think is the diamond in the rough???
  7. I think alot will have to do with if Bennington can keep the ice flowing in his veins, if he plays the way he has been, I think the Blues in six but Rask is on fire also, I think it's going to be a low scoring series , I don't think (imo) there will be any blowout games and I predict at least 2-3 ot games at least... Definitely going to be a goaltending battle... Let's go Blues!!!
  8. I think he's saying "suck it phanuef..." And the flyers front office too...
  9. Yeah but you know what you're gonna get outta him consistently not streaky like jerk vorachoke... it's time for him to move on.... IMO I don't think he's truly a team player he's so one track minded it's pathetic that's why he gives the Puck up so much, he don't pass unless it's to g (or ghost sometimes) too predictable and easy to defend his passes.... Besides they'll have the money.. they'll sink it all in one player and not do anything else cause that's what the idiots in the front office do , sabotage this team .. the flyers will NOT win a cup as long as Bobby Clarke and Paul holmgren are alive.... I would be willing to bet on that too.... And I'm a life long FLYERS fan , but I'm also a realist..... Get rid of those two and this team will flourish.....
  10. Just watched Jay bouwmeester interview on NHL Network with his jock strap hanging in n clear view a few inches away from his head.... Classy reporting... Shittty camera work... Didn't need to witness that... Go Blues.
  11. Experience doesn't mean success!!!! Yeah 20yrs (combined)is alot of experience, but if you read some of the posts that were up while the coaching search was on there was alot of no-yeo talk about him being the head coach ,so I'm curious why it seems to be okay now that he's an ASSinstant???? Therien his past is alot better and pretty much speaks for itself, so I'm not disappointed in that choice as much as the Yeo move.. but curious as to why he seems to be acceptable now????
  12. That's the philly curse.... Thrive when you leave... As far as I know Hartman was more productive through the end of the season,than Simmonds was in Nashville but time will tell on Hartman....
  13. Thanks for the compliment , I know I'm a hockey genius and all... But the greatest mind??? Top 3 maybe.... LoL .... Oh you mean the goon berube??

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