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I was reading an article that suggested JVRs trade value (which is holding at a solid zero) could go higher with more goals. Ok, OBVIOUSLY! But seriously, I think there might be something there. Put his ass on the first line and first PP. Then give him every opportunity,  plus even more, to score whatever he can. Don't worry about his attempt to look like he can even spell defense. Just force feed him, hope for some overinflated production, then dump his a$$ at the trade deadline to whatever contender makes an offer



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11 minutes ago, CoachX said:

Just force feed him, hope for some overinflated production, then dump his a$$ at the trade deadline to whatever contender makes an offer


It's more likely they will have him on the 3rd line "to make a point" (that has been made for the last three seasons - he's not a bottom six forward. We get it.)


It's the same mistake Buffalo made with Skinner the past two years.


You have a goal scorer - let him score goals.


Don't worry about whether he back checks enough.


If the teams is doing well, a rising tide floats all.boats and floaters start to get more engaged defensively.


They don't really need to worry about that. Pump up your asset and sell as high as you can.

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It's a solid idea. I'm not sure it'll fly with Torts though.


Ostensibly, he would be competing for the fourth winger spot vs Laughton and TK. I mentioned before how I have a feeling Torts is going to like Laughton, so my guess is he gets more minutes under Torts, and possibly even top line minutes. JVR would have to beat out TK then for the fourth, which is maybe a toss up.


More importantly though, just as Laughton strikes me as a very Torts player, JVR is the complete opposite. Obviously this is just my gut, and I definitely don't always get it right, but I don't think JVR fits the bill in a Torts-led system. If anything, he stands to get pushed down not up.

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1 hour ago, elmatus said:

I'm not sure it'll fly with Torts though.


If he comes to work brings his lunch pail and tries hard to play his assignments away from the puck he has a chance...



...Torts has said this much.


But if he don't and doesn't want to work to get the puck back well he will be in the dog house real quick.


I can not see this Leopard changing his spots....but i have been wrong before. See what happened to Laine.


Torts will have my full support with this as long as he holds everyone accountable. No favorites. Everyone buys in.



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Crazy as it sounds, having JVR on the team at this point in time, at this point of his current contract, may be a win-win for Philadelphia.
"But TFG, have you lost your mango? How can that be?", you may be asking.


Consider this: 
JVR is 33, making around 5M in actual salary, and if he has ANY inkling of wanting to play beyond this coming season, and NOT play for a pittance, it behooves him to play his arse off, buy into anything Tortorella is selling him, and just plain ol play out of his mind in order to parlay that into a decent contract (even if it likely becomes a sham not long after the ink dries) for whomever he plays for next.
AKA... "The Contract Year".

If he does that, and raises his value high enough, he can be traded for a decent haul, as some have already pointed out, to a contender crazy enough to give up assets for him.
Flyers win.

If he plays for that next contract, but there are no takers at the deadline, at the very least, the Flyers will have had a player on the team doing well enough to help bolster some of the younger players on the team, showing them what CAN be done on the ice when one is focused enough.
I know, I know...this is JVR we are talking about, and he is what he is, but again, never underestimate what a 'Contract Year' can do for a player.
He plays well, doesn't get traded, helps elevate the newer forwards, then he is gone to be someone else's worry next year.
Flyers win.

And even if he plays TERRIBLY, even in this contract year, he will help the Flyers get closer to the top of the lottery, Flyers let him walk at season's end once again to be someone else's concern.
Flyers win.

If that means putting him in the top six as some have suggested, so be it. Sticking him in a checking role does NOTHING for anyone.....nothing for himself, nothing for his linemates, nothing for the team.
Lack of defense?
Well, any coach that doesn't realize that by now hasn't been paying attention.

I am in NO WAY saying JVR can change his ways, be a different, better player, etc. 
At 33, I think his evolution has stopped, and he is what he is.
But driven by the desire to cash in one last time on some unsuspecting GM next season could be a powerful driver, so yea....if Torts can get the most out of him, any which way he can, and any of the scenarios I mentioned above play out, the Flyers come out winners in every single one, at least, where JVR is concerned.

Holes elsewhere on the team...those are other matters to be dealt with in the coming seasons.

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3 hours ago, FireDillabaugh said:

You can polish a turd all you'd like(or even "roll it in glitter").  In the end, all you have is still just a turd...





I'll take a 30 goal scoring turd....





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Heck, make him play as close to the blue paint as much as possible, then fire many pucks in his direction so he can be a top-scorer from all the deflections, intentional or not.  :NinjaLookLeftRight1:



He was actually pretty good at that a few seasons ago, puck deflections not a puck-magnet. 😆

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