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I'm sure the majority of this forum can sympathize with you. We're left with who to take with the 11th pick in a 6 man draft, Voraceks car accident and more discussions about our wacky lousy overpaid lame duck goaltender.

But ya, Saturday seems a bit long.

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If the NHL can do something to alienate fans and kill excitement they do it.

I mean no disrespect to retarded people; but the NHL is the king retard of sports leagues... the penultimate moment for the crowning of the league champion will happen in late June when all winter sports championships are decided ?!?! WTF ? does the best team win on ice that will no doubt be ****ty ? or will the team that adapts to playing in water ice steal the cup.

If it is stupid, unnecessary, and not in the best interest of the most loyal fans in sports you can bet the NHL will try it.

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Dont you know getting games on tv when NONhockey fans might watch for 5 minutes is more important than your passionate rooting interest? So damn selfish jeez.....



Ha! I can understand wanting games on prime time on Saturday...but does it have to be Game 1 (ECF and possible WCF). We'll know all the match-ups after tonight. It' not at all uncommon for the winner of a 7-game series to have only 1 day off before the next series resumes.

So let the Pens/Bruins start tomorrow (and then the prime time game Saturday) and Game 1 of the WCF starts Friday.

I'm not 'that' upset. Just curious what the rationale might be.

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I don't know I don't like the idea of watching my Pens play surrounded by all those depressed Bruins fans.

Careful where you paaark your caaar. Sully and his buddy Schmiddy will be wicked hammered after all those Narragansetts they got at the packie and if they see the Pennsylvania tages they might go all Nomaaar on you.

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Careful where you paaark your caaar.

I was assisting with an English as a Second Language program (it could happen!) and the primary teacher was from Boston. So these people from Iran, Afghanistan, South Korea, El Salvador etc. were learning first hand that just because there is an "R" in a word doesn't mean you have to pronounce it, and just because their isn't an "R" in a word doesn't mean you shouldn't put one in there anyway. I could see it was really confusing them when she put the word "DRAWER" up on the whiteboard and pronounced it "drawrer." She got a laugh when I corrected her.

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