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What is market value of Coburn and Mezsaros

Guest Mario99

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Can we include themin a trade up with anpther prospect

Coburn would have more value IMO 27 years old and locked up for a short/long term

He has a modified NMC so i think he would just have to ok the trade partner....myself i hold onto Coburn and try to just trade Mezz for a pick...they trade Mezz and buyout Danny and Bryz and they'll have about 15 mill before signing Streit.

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Include Coburn AND Meszaros for a prospect? So we need to find a replacement for Timonen, a replacement for Coburn AND Meszaros and likely another defencemen? FOUR defencemen? Are we trying to draft 1st overall next year? Cause I'd gladly take Ekblad if that's the method to your madness. Otherwise, it's just madness.

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If Streit is at the 4 mill+ range, Coburn would be there too. I frankly think Mesz will not suit up again and suspect that's part of why we going for Streit.

Streit will be in the 5+ range. I'm thinking Meszaros will be the one getting shipped out. Gustafson can play the 6th man fine with Gervais as the 7th. If we kept everybody AND signed Streit we would have by far the most expensive defensive corp in the league.

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Will u guys respect me in the morning if I said package Coburn to Colorado for the 1st pick?<br /><br /> Or...Meszaros to Edmonton to move up....don't know if Nurse is still there at 7.

Coburn and meszaros and the flyers' 1st *might* get one of those done. I doubt it, though. throw read in and you probably have a deal. which, no thanks.

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i would take corvo if his price is right, i dont want gervis in the lineup, he's the worst the defender just like walker and foster.

the defense was just slow with mez and coburn and when the young players were playing on d, they were fast, this team as whole needs speed, some players were just slow last year.

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Coburn is one of the strongest skating defensemen in the league, regardless of what you think about other aspects of his game. meszaros, when healthy, is no speed demon but skating is absolutely not an issue.

I don't hate the corvo idea, actually, but....

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