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While I'm being Grumpy

King Knut

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Hawks winning was the lesser of 2 evils for me.

What really chaps my behind is that both the Bruins and the Hawks were non-playoff teams not all that long ago and they were both playing for their 2nd Cup in a few years. The Flyers make moves to stay comptetitive, but those moves ultimately keep them from going all the way. It frustrates the hell out of me that their desire and passion for winning it what keeps them from doing so. Build a freakin core and stick with them, don't trade away all the young kids and draft picks for once and maybe the Cup will be paraded down Broad Street again!

Thats my rant for the morning.

I was saying this when they signed Briere.

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It's during time like this when you look at the team who wins and have to ask yourself why *our* team can't (or didn't) enjoy the same success. And that's the time when you realize how one boneheaded move after another throws the Flyers further from winning. And then you also realize that just a series of bad moves by an incompetent GM who took over after a previous incompetent GM is nothing more than a product of an owner who is too close-minded to comprehend that the success cannot be built overnight, the owner who is too arrogant to understand that if a philosophy and strategy he has chosen failed for almost 40 years, something else needs to be tried.

And this something else is actually not that difficult to achieve if you can *just* copy what successful organizations have done and what worked for them if you don’t have your own brains to pull that off. But I guess as long as he fills the seats and continues showing a winning record, the actual outcome doesn't matter that much.

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