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Game tonight vs Canes Postponed


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Good thing that my mother called me to let me know as  I was just about to head out the door to brave the conditions.  It would have been nice as a STH to get an e-mail.  I am sure one is coming but it would have been nice to get one as soon as they made this decision.

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As a former resident of Buffalo during my grad school days I have to chuckle.  This is piker stuff IMHO :ph34r: .


It is now nearly 40 mins since this decision has been made and I still have no e-mail from the Flyers telling me not to show :angry: .

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@Poulin20, ain't moms great?


Indded they are!  She was e-mailing and texting me all day not to go and I said I was going and then she gleefully called to tell me the game was postponed.  I didn't believe her at 1st as I didnt get an e-mail but there it was on the website.  She occasionally even will come to the game with me when all others, including my wife, bail on me.  She brings her knitting while watching the game.  She was actually there at the home game vs the Isles and the guard was teasing her and asking for her to knit him a scarf.  She was impressed with the late game heroics of the team and said she was surprised how much fun this team is to watch due to their comeback ability. (She has some hockey smarts due to being casual fan of the team since the cup years thanks to my Dad who was a big fan)


The only thing that I have a hard time letting go with her when it comes to the Flyers is the fact that when I was in 4th grade our family had season tickets and my dad had to go out of town and she didnt want to take me and my brother to the game on her own.  So she sold the tickets and then that night, while listening on the radio I heard that Ron Hextall scored a goal.  I flipped out as I missed this historic event.  That one is still a little tough to take to this day!  But otherwise yeah Moms are great!

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Wow I would love to have that 2.5 hrs of my life back! I can't belive I had to wait 23 extra hours for that pathetic "mail it in"effort. At least I was able to claim my STH Christmas gift for the year (2 2014 NHL Draft beer mugs). That was about the only redeeming quality of this game.

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