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Either it's time to blow the D up... or the Chief has lost the room


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Zach is also the reason they're shorthanded so much which is really the reason they lose typically.

The D sucks so strip Guroux of the captaincy? Especially hen the outlet works best when he goes back an gets it?

Early in the season I was on board for stripping G, but he has accepted and embraced the role and turned his and the team's season around. Ultimately lets face it: He ain't the defense's problem.

Matt Carle was a terrible defenseman his first year here. That changed. He "got it". Pronger was a big reason why.

My question is how does anyone propose we get a better D corp? Had a chance this summer but missed the opportunity signing VLC and Streit.

No huge names, but solid guys were out there. Who do you propose we "get" instead and how?

Ok guys, I'm a fairly patient person ( you kinda have to be to be a Philly fan ) but this has gone on way too long. The only time we win is when our O makes up for the D.... if they don't it's no contest.

In any case, I'm willing to blow up the rest of the season and start building a new D. There's been way too many turnovers and zero puck control. Does our D even care who they pass the puck to these days.

Maybe it's time to pull the C and give it to someone else. I think Zac is the only flyer these days that seems to give 100 percent 100 percent of the time. Too bad he lacks the talent of some of our guys who seem to skate around in circles and just watch the game go by them.

I don't know what the answer is but something needs to be done and I'm willing to give up this season to start the process now.

Ok, I think I feel better now... maybe I'll even feel better after I get a drink <g>.

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I just posted this on the other thread to jammer, but I'll repeat it here.  They'll make a trade just to give the appearance of trying.   The last thing they want is to look like there's no hope and they certainly don't want to be honest about "it may take a couple years."  It's about ticket and merchandise sales.  Nothing boosts both more than bringing in some big name whether he fits or doesn't.  The Facebook and HFBoards crowd will keep hitting the feeder bar and eat it up.

I am willing to support your motion!


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