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Isles hosed by officials, cost a critical point


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  In a sloppy but spirited game against the St. Louis Blues today, in overtime with the score tied at 3 the Isles were all over Halak, a shot fired in bounced around between the feet of Halak and Vanek and at least one other Blues d-men and ended up ping ponging into the net, the officials on the ice called it a goal.

  After reviewing it Toronto waved it off saying that Vanek kicked it in with a 'distinct kicking motion.' Absolutely brutal call. The Blues ended up winning the game in a shootout. Horrible call by Toronto. The Isles have climbed and clawed back into the race and they have every reason in the world to be livid over the call. It could end up affecting the outcome of the conference by the time the season is done.

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I was watching that game...puck wasn't kicked IMO.


For sure it bounced off Vanek's skate, but he also was being moved by the St. Louis defenseman...there WAS NO distinct kicking motion.


I am not going to call 'conspriacy', but just say that it was a terrible overturn...that game was over in OT.  Officials botched that one, Isles were robbed.

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@TropicalFruitGirl26  Have not seen the goal yet, but the officials are calling this "distinct kicking motion" pretty liberally. You have to outright kick the damn thing in on purpose, and everyone in the building has to see it.....if there is a bit of question, it's usually a goal.

there was a scramble and the puck undoubtedly went off BOTH of Vanek skates before going in the net but there was no way he kicked it on purpose. the officiating was just bad.

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@yave1964  Wow, sounds like a big time miss by the officials...I can see the on ice officials missing it on a bang-bang type of play, but how does this slide by Toronto??  If anyone sees a video of this goal, please post it. If the Isles miss the playoffs by one point, the team is gonna be livid over this crap.

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