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Flyers interested in Hainsey


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That's true. But it's not like we have zero puck-moving defensemen. Streit is supposed to be that guy, and he's getting more comfortable as the season wears on. He looks infinitely better than he did in the first few months. And Timonen also provides that, albeit he has lost a step.

Gus has played 7 career NHL playoff games, and *surprisingly*, that is 7 more than Hainsey. He's never played an NHL playoff game... I really didn't expect that, especially that he's played for 5 different teams.

Anyway, I'm not convinced that Hainsey makes this team much better. Deadline acquisitions simply don't have the luxury of time to adjust and gel with a team; that's why it seldom works out the way the team imagined. Gus is finally starting to show some consistency in his level of play, and he may even be helping Schenn to stabilize his game. So that's a plus.

Like you mentioned earlier, if he can be had for nothing of true value, it doesn't really affect the future (and it seems they are not interested in Mez). But I think it robs our young players of the confidence and experience they gain by being counted on, even if they fail the first few times. It might not seem like a big deal, but I think these little knocks add up over time.


Yeah, I only want him if he costs them nothing. I don't have a man crush on Hainsey or anything, I just don't have a problem with a team trying to get better and him not being a kid. Whether Hainsey would even do that, yeah I agree I'm not convinced (which is why I would give up nothing of real value for him).


Grossman has struggled - at least in January - lately, but him and Gus have both looked decent at times throughout the year. Kinda makes me wonder if they'd both be worth keeping. Everyone says how bad our D is and it did look pretty bad early on, but I'm not as down on them as I used to be.

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@fanaticV3.0   The D is playing a lot more like a cohesive unit these days. I'm still convinced Gus is a LOT better than people think, he just needs playing time and confidence. I honestly see a 40-50 point d-man in there somewhere.


You quiet down with that prediction stuff Mr. 60 goals. 


I don't have a strong feeling about him either way. I would just settle for a defenseman we don't want to kick out the door right now.

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  Gus has always shown a steady improvement in stats...


 Northern Michigan University....

 year 1...0.61 ppg

 year 2...0.82 ppg

 year 3...0.85 ppg


 First year pro, AHL Phantoms

0.68 ppg...very nice for a first year pro...


 NHL totals (smaller sample size, but....)

 Year 1...0.16

 Year 2...0.29

 Year 3...0.38 (this year)....averaged out over a 82 game schedule equals = 31.4 pts on the season....and this is with very limited ice time and no pp time to speak of...


 Steady improvement each year....there is offense in dem dere hills!!!


 He's 25, but never turned pro until he was 22, due to a long NCAA career.  Late bloomer who can skate I say!!

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I wasn't talking about #1's, I'd just settle for a few guys we don't hate or want gone (though some of them have looked a lot better lately).


I'm not just talking about #1s, either. The facts are that just about every defenseman in the league makes a dumb play or gets flat out beat on a regular basis.


Anybody that comes in here and gets watched on a daily basis is bound to become a "stiff".


Seriously, if you look back over the past decade - or even 40 years - how many Flyer defensemen can you name that weren't at least eventually whipping boys?

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He's also about as big as Timonen. He'll be ok in that regard.


And one of the few on the team with some offensive up side and can skate the puck out the zone when need be...and he is better sound in his own zone than Streit. So for my self his the Flyers top 3 Dmen...


Kimmo #1  Coburn #2  Gus #3  Schenn #4  Streit #5  Gross #6  Mezz #7


In my book.


Would love to dump Mezz and Gill and get Ollie and maybe even Alt some playing time on the BIG club.

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 My top 7 go...










 If the Flyers *ever* hope to seriously contend.....5 through 7 MUST GO!!!!  and I'm not sold on #4 either.....lol.



Streit is hard to watch in his own zone but the reason i moved Schenn up on this list is i got Gus and he as a pair and Gus has looked good together.


Plus since Gus insertion and pairing in the Boston game (of which he and Gus went even in) they have went 4-2 losing to Boston beating Detroit, losing to Ducks beating LA, SJ and Col. Before Gus Schenn was like -8 and now he is even and Gus leads the team at +11....so these guys are finding their chemistry and it wouldn't mess with them.



Gross is slooooower than Schenn and really doesn't have a partner besides Streit and i still just don't like them two together but it's better than Mezz and Streit.

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