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Eberle IN !


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From NHL.com



From the Edmonton Sun:



Well, lookie this.

Out goes C-Mac, in comes The Ebber.

He is scheduled to debut tonight when the Penguins visit Rexall.


Not to make light of the loss of McDavid, but what a silver lining to have right when many Oiler fans were wondering who is available in the top 5 for next year's draft.


I posted elsewhere that the Oilers, even WITH McDavid, were a longshot to make the playoffs, and the return of Jordan Eberle doesn't change that assessment from me, but what it DOES do is show the fanbase that the team can continue to build around the core ideas they have put into place starting with replacing the GM and head coach and filtered down to the 23rd or 24th man on the team.

The fanbase needn't fret about the basement spot and top five pick Edmonton was supposed to be in line for once again.


Edmonton will STILL be icing quite a bit of talent sans C-Mac...but this time, doing it under bench and front office leadership that seems to have a better inkling as to what the franchise needs.

And now, once again, they have The Ebber along for the ride.


Eberle will likely need to work off a bit of the proverbial 'rust' before he can fully showcase his talents, but other than that, this is fantastic news for Oilers fans.

Then again, with a guy as talented as Eberle, maybe he won't need too much time and his natural skill will shine through even as his body physically catches up to the game speed of his teammates.


Oh, and McDavid is NOT going to be out the entire season (at least, he shouldn't)....so a healthy Eberle, a returning C-Mac, and the rest of the Oiler team rowing in the same direction, all while management continues to peel away the dead bark, shape and mold the roster.....bodes well for a strong finish for the team and heading into next year with a full season of "good hockey" finally under their belts.

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Always loved Eberle as one of the most underrated player in the game.

When McJesus comes back putting him on a line with Hall and Eberle should be a thing of beauty.

Hall and McDavid both like carrying the puck too much. Worked much better with Yak. They complimented each other.

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Hall and McDavid both like carrying the puck too much. Worked much better with Yak. They complimented each other.


Well, that's what I came in to say.    lol


Some players compliment each other very well, and others (even great ones) don't. Hall and McDavid don't so far.

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