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Riley Cote / Slava Kouznetsov - youth camp


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Cote has run several of these over the years - Teaching hockey and life skills.  


"We try to teach them life lessons through hockey," Cote said Wednesday. "I'm an optimist, but I'm also a realist and I realize that not everyone is going to make the NHL. It's really a very small percentage of guys who ever do. So, we talk about a lot things away from hockey. … giving respect, taking care of your body, preparation and being a pro when it comes to attitude and character. All of those things translate to every facet of life, no matter what you do for a living or what school you're in. There's always going to be a certain expectation from coaches, teachers and bosses.




Slava Kouznetsov has been the Flyers power skating coach for the last 5 years and I'd say he's been a huge influence on the fast-paced style of the Flyers play especially if one compares how the team played 5 years ago until now.  Hey, even Couturier has improved his stride.  :P


I think he has also had a fair amount of influence on the recent Russian signings and draft picks.


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Good for Riley, I know people love ripping on him.  I always thought he loved hockey, his continuing to be around the game and influence young players after his career is over seems to prove it.

I don't care if he smokes weed either, his job was getting hit in the face by other big people, if weed  keeps him feeling decent good for him. 


It makes me smile to see him still around the game and the area. 


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I was only kidding...being from Canada, I couldn't careless if he smokes weed


I'm happy for the guy though. He's gotten himself a good career as a coach after his short playing career

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On 7/29/2016 at 8:28 AM, OccamsRazor said:



Wow he looks like Danny Heatley.....

Looks like the swelling has finally gone down from all the punches he took in the face. In all seriousness, though, I think it's great what he does for charity.

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