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Which player wins the cup first? (poll)


which player wins the cup first in their career?  

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  1. 1. Which player of the following will be the first to win a Stanley cup?

    • Connor McDavid
    • Auston Matthews
    • Jake Eichel
    • Patrik Laine
    • Nico Hirschier

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  Basic poll of five young stars or future stars, the question is which will likely win the cup first between McDavid, Matthews, Laine, eichel and Hirschier?


  To me the knee jerk reaction may be to say McDavid of course, his skill is insane, his team right now seems to be a step above the others, but I have a hard time after taking a closer look picking him, between he and Draisatl they take up nearly 30 percent of the Oiler cap and while the team is essentially ahead of the others at this time I am not certain that they will have the wiggle room to add pieces as needed to get over the hump. I am not saying they cannot or will not be first, just saying that IMHO it is not that simple.


  Matthews is surrounded by an insane amount of young skilled forwards. Hirschier and Eichel are on teams in a position to build around them. Laine is on a team that on paper appears to be only missing a piece or two from being real contenders. 


  So cast your votes and give your opinions.

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I voted for Austin Matthews mainly on the Organizational leadership in the front office to build a winning team around him.  But Edmonton currently has a stronger team down the middle which is needed for a cup run. 

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I'll approach this in a logical, Vuclan-like fashion... 


Since I've been saying for eons that the Edmonton Oilers would be the NEXT Canadian based franchise to win the Stanley Cup, logically, I would have to put Connor McDavid ahead of Patrik Laine and Auston Matthews.

So right away, we have eliminated two.


Both Jack Eichel and Nico Hirschier are on young promising teams....but teams that lack either a strong defense (NJ) or a Cup caliber goaltender (Buf) at the moment and still have some "learning to win" as a team to do before they can be considered serious Cup threats.


That process is beginning for those teams JUST NOW.

Great for them and they could become regular playoff invitees sooner than later....I just think they still need important pieces in various areas.


The Oilers have gone through their growing pains, have gone through the personnel shuffle, have gone through the management shuffle, they NOW have a congruous offense that is complimented by a pretty good (and getting better) defensive core, and anchored by a more than solid goaltender in Cam Talbot.


They also picked up valuable playoff race experience and actual playoff GAME experience which will only serve to make them tougher to play against moving forward.


The nice mix of vets and young players only seriously lacks one thing:  further game experience, and that is easy enough for them to grab ahold of as soon as this season and beyond.


Therefore, if my logic is correct, Connor McDavid and his Edmonton Oilers will be the ones winning ahead of Laine's Jets, Matthews' Leafs, Eichel's Sabres, and Hirchier's Devils.


Long winded answer for me to simply say "Connor McDavid" but hey, we all know Vulcans are logically long winded and precise, no? ;)

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4 hours ago, hf101 said:

I voted for Austin Matthews mainly on the Organizational leadership in the front office to build a winning team around him.  But Edmonton currently has a stronger team down the middle which is needed for a cup run. 

I went with Matthews as well mostly because of the poison pill double whammy contracts given out to Mcdavid and Draisatl. It is possible they win there without a lot of salary wiggle room, the West is in a down cycle so anything is possible but I think the Leafs are simply too stacked.


  The Leafs will of course have their own salary problems with Matthews, Marner and Nylander, my best guess is one of either Nylander or Marner will be dealt when the check comes due for young cheap defense to a team hungry for a young skilled forward, in short the Leafs have more pieces to move, more options and a much deeper pipeline of skilled ready now forwards ready to step in. 

  And if Babs wins a cup with the Leafs he can put his face on the money up there, and print as much as he would like....

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Definitely the pieces are set for either McDavid or Matthews to hoist the Cup first. Really talent wise the Maple Leafs may even have a slight advantage in that area. I am still going to give the very slight advantage to McDavid because I see him as the most dynamic player in the league even more the Crosby and the Oilers at this point have a better Goalie than the Leafs in my opinion as well.

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I just don't see Nico Hischier and the Devils :devils: getting it done first among that group. 

Not with their current lineup and not with moving farther away from their

demonic-holiday-styled jerseys. :lol:   


The Jets seem to be going in reverse since their bruising playoff series with the Ducks. 

So I wouldn't vote Patrik Laine here. 


Though I think Jack Eichel's egotistical, unprofessional, and overrated, the latter in part

because his verbal egotism hasn't matched his on-ice production, that's not why I wouldn't 

vote for him. He's good, very good, could be the leader on a Sabres team that's contending 

in a few years. But they don't have the personnel right now to take a :stanleycup: before the 

Oils or Leafs. 


I don't think this last Toronto squad was a fluke. I watched every playoff game between them 

and the Caps this past postseason, and that's a dangerous outfit. One which, with another piece 

or two, could take home the hockey hardware among hockey hardware, within a couple years, thereby 

beginning community healing for Leaf Nation that's sans Stanley since long ago. :notfair: Hopefully this 

new Toronto management and coaching culture won't ever bring back anything resembling the

days of wasting money and mismanaging players. I like the playoffs better with

Torontonians going ballistic. :shakeit: :rockin: :CelebratingSmiley:  


So I say it's going to be McDavid and the Oilers. However, if they get close soon but don't get it done, I 

don't know they'll have enough cap room to finish the promised-land puzzle. I've never liked that approach 

of pouring such a high percentage into one or two players in a capped league. And it's unlikely any 

Hey we can't pay you close to what you deserve, but you'll get to play with McDavid and Draisaitl 

sales pitch will work more often than not. Many professional players in today's sports era,

NHL and elsewhere, seem to prefer money more than success. I fear that teams which take

such a cap approach also set themselves up to suffer more from injuries to key players.

Less good or pretty good players in the immediate mix to step up because there wasn't

money to keep or get them. Looking to the farm, hockey glove fingers crossed extra tightly, to

send up a surprise. 


How do people feel about the Oilers winning the Cup this season, the Leafs beating them for it 

the following one, and all this happening only if the Kings make neither postseason? :) 


Cool thread idea @yave1964:toast:     



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On 9/27/2017 at 6:30 AM, hf101 said:

I voted for Austin Matthews mainly on the Organizational leadership in the front office to build a winning team around him.  But Edmonton currently has a stronger team down the middle which is needed for a cup run. 


Toronto?  Organizational leadership?  Sarcasm I hope?  They've made the playoffs, what, twice in the last 15 or so years?  

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Gotta go with the Oilers...  WIth McDavid and Draisaitl, they should be the best bet out of the group...  But we all know, anything can happen in hockey.  One injury could make or break a team in either conference...

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Toronto has impressed me this year, and certainly they are very talented in the forward spot particularly with guys like Marner and Matthews. However, it has finally paid off for the Oilers to suck and get top picks in the draft for years. McDavid, Draisatl, Nugent-Hopkins and Co. are fast as hell when they're on their game, and they have a mobile, big guy who can skate on D in Klefbom (extremely inconsistent, though). Of course, they also have very good goaltending with Talbot. The Oilers were close last year before Anaheim's experience took over in the end. I expect them to be the next team from Canada to win the Cup. It could even be this year, but the Pens, Preds, Sens, Bolts will and who knows....maybe even the Leafs could have something to say that.

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