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  1. Very nice to read about Iowa! I especially liked Tim Army's approach: 1. Speed of play 2. Four lines rolling 3. Blue collar ethics to counter the lack of exceptional skills Sounds promising both for Iowa and the big team in a few years from now I wish I could see Iowa's games now and then.
  2. Governing is in the details and there sure are a lot of details that point to problems that are not properly out in the open. I fear that IllaZilla night be right. This might take years.
  3. I think that the fanbase would tolerate getting rid of all the dead weight even if it meant that the Wild would be the last team in the NHL next season. It only gets risky after that and we really should be competitive again in a couple of years. With the problems in scouting, developing prospects and getting good value in trades, it feels kind of scary. I'd still.rather see a true rebuild with its risks than getting barely to the playoffs by wasting picks to get leftovers like Pavelski Nelson or Lee etc.
  4. What does that even mean? If this is not a rebuild what is? We've already dumped the age group at the middle. We can't get rid of some and surely we aren't keeping the Browns and the Rasks in the long run.
  5. And not just drinking but behaving rudely against the staff and the customers at the place he decided was better than his work place I like the idea of an organisational meeting. That would take a conference of one or two days. Maybe that would in getting the messed up roles fixed. I wonder if they do these kind of get togethers in other teams.
  6. Another reason we should find our 4th liners from our prospect pool. They don't get drunk like that or if they do it's better to know about that ASAP.
  7. Fargo defending Suter made me think about the difficulty of Suter's situation. I think it's time for his uncle Gary to have a fatherly conversation with him about getting older and the changes that brings along.
  8. The nicest people carry the darkest shadow - we should trust actions or lack of actions, not what the players are. When I say Foligno is a leader, I actually mean he leads by acting, speaking out for example. When I say Suter is an a..hole I really mean that he's not done those things I expect from a leader, speaking out, calling a player's meeting, playing too much for his capability etc.
  9. Getting Kaprizov right now could be a disaster. He would come into a team divided against itself, the team by next season probably regressing back into the defensive foundations of yesteryear à la Koivu in his heyday, and being forced to change his offensive style of play into defensive "play it safe and lose all of that creativity". To make it even worse he comes to the perennial underdog Wild from the all-time top dog CSKA Moscow, a team that has a decades long background of being the dominant team in Europe. As a player he's not yet seen that in order to make it in the NHL, he's not good enough, but needs to change to make it in the NHL. Top that with the cultural and language difficulties and I'm betting on a catastrophe. Team united and its identity clear - FAIL Organisation committed in helping with the transition - FAIL Another Russian, a player or a scout, helping with the transition - FAIL Kaprizov's hoped for identity as an NHL player clearly established and clearly stated to him - FAIL A team clearly committed to developing its youngsters instead of overusing vets - FAIL An organisation that emphasizes its farm team and its prospects instead of other teams' leftovers - FAIL An organisation that is loyal to all its players and prospects instead of just the vets - FAIL An organisation that holds Kaprizov (and other "stars") accountable - FAIL I'm sure you guys could find about a dozen more organisational risks in a jiffy. On the other hand, somehow the Wild has managed in turning the turnover prone Dumba into a good enough defender without losing his offensive capabilities. The organisation has succeeded there, and the reason for that success would need to be sorted out. How on Earth didn't we fail with Dumba the way we fail with pretty much everything? If it was connected with Boudreau (he was a very succesful coach even prior to the NHL, that is coaching mostly prospects) the organisation should keep him. Anyways, I think that this house of pain needs a lot of jumping around next season to sort this mess out. If this succeeds we could then bring Kaprizov in by 2021-2022. If this does not succeed, it would be better to trade him for future picks and keep on trying to rebuild this straw house. At least there is good fanbase and the arena filled game after game. The basis is solid.
  10. Another one bites the dust. There's probably a flaw in his game, that the other teams figured out after the shutouts.
  11. This was ugly. I'm not even sure if it was embarrassing for the players (par Suter). They are what they are. But the organisation that put together this team - that's embarrassing. And Iowa crumbling to bits, too. It sure looks pretty nasty, this season, and it's hard to see it getting any better any time soon.
  12. "Won't you come out and play?" for those fans that coughed up quite a sum for the experience...
  13. The good old public stoning ☄, the burning at the stake It's the best, but still just a compensation that we won't be having a Winning the Cup get-together in the near future.
  14. The fact pointed out by @CreaseAndAssist, that we can't even find 3rd and 4th line players from our prospects - that is just horrendous. I feel that is not just a huge failure from the scouts but also from those parts of the organisation that are trying to develop our prospects. Of the tens, hundreds of players that play or have played in Iowa or are Wild draft picks, all those players and we can't find basically anyone that could be developed into a 4th liner?
  15. That would be a novel way of solving the problem It might be close to the reality as it is, as I would imagine the players who are not part of the Country Club Tractor ring, realise what the ring and the organisation is trying to feed them and in consequence has already stopped listening to them.
  16. The stats combined with the eye judgment tells the truth there, I feel. The -20 is the Spurgeon corrected number. With the assumption that he played with for example Brodin some of those goals against would not have happened. Playing with Brodin, Spurgeon would also have had more goals for, when not having to try hide the Tractor under a cover. Let's say: a) 10 goals against less, when playing with a good D-man b) 5 goals for, scored playing 5 vs 5 c) 5 goals for, after the Suterless PP scores just after the penalty is ended and the plus/minus gets counted again The Suter corrected number for Spurgeon might have been 20 goals better, raising him from the official +/- 0 to a +20. The corrected numbers are +20 for Spurgeon vs -27 for Suter. (I'm only half-jesting here with these numbers, a part of me thinks this might really have been the case if our organisation had accepted Suter's declining reality). The corrected numbers are worse than those in the Winnipeg Jets where Copp is +20 and Laine -24. You can accept that sheltering Laine thing in the hope that he is still very young and might have it in him to turn into Ovechkin, but what is the hope behind sheltering Suter? It's just wool over our eyes, trying to justify the insane 13-year sentence to the fans.
  17. Hammond again, and keep losing. Worrying, very worrying. No confidence in Kähkönen, or Kähkönen hurt? Damn, the Finnish reporters covering the NHL should make a detour and interview him to maybe get some inside information on what the problem/problems are.
  18. Suter's tractor brings this video into my mind, the singer driving James Dean's tractor, at 2:50: "I'm so sickened now, why do you hang around, why do you come around". I'm just so sick and tired of Suter. I watched the game listening to Boston's commentators. They liked Sturm's game: "he's going to be a player in the league". I liked it too. He made smart, responsible decisions with the puck. Seems communicative. Takes Brodin's place when Brodin pinches, then taps his leg with the blade to let Brodin know he can switch places safely. Skates fast enough, wins some faceoffs. He looked like a potentially good third line center. Disappointing game otherwise. Not much to look at. I can't help about thinking that some of the fans there in the arena might have made some stinging decisions to get the tickets and as a consequence not having the money to spend somewhere else, and then having to watch this half-hearted play. Stalock was the only guy who seemed to have any fun there. Fiala trying to hit a Boston player... Don't even try. The weakness and lack of power, lack of speed behind the hit brought back painful memories about Pominville "hitting". In fact it's even worse than Pominville, as Fiala's body seems pretty strong. With the combination of his skating ability and the strength he should be able to deliver a hit that has an effect, and the contrast between what could and should be, and what is the reality of the hit, is even bigger in Fiala than what was the case with the Pomeranian. Boston commentators commented about the "absurdness" of Suter's ice time. If it feels absurd, it might in fact be absurd. Unfortunately Suter and the organisation have only one way to make Suter look the exceptional hero he isn't, and that is TOI. The Boston commentators also thought Fehr is a good example of a player who realises that in order to keep on playing in the NHL he needs to continually change. Our propaganda poster boy Suter could use a chat or two with Fehr. Suter has so far skipped the following realisations about his need to change: 1. 1D --> 2D, never happened 2. 2D --> 3D, never happened 3. 3D --> 4D, never happened and the way he is playing he should soon be thinking about changing from 4D to Nate Prosser of yesteryear playing to get some games now and then. It's a disgrace mentioning Prosser and Suter in the same sentence. Prosser is more the man Suter's ever going to be. Sorry about the length of the rant I'll try to keep it a little more toned down a bit from now on.
  19. The fact that the game will change absolutely nothing is very interesting indeed: a player that has heart endures hardship. He will endure even pointlessness, lack of meaning. A player playing for trivial reasons, money, adulation, glory etc on will lose motivation and become nothing himself. A game like this is a good opportunity to find out which players Fenton should strive to keep and which he should try to dump somewhere else. Who will quit? Do we have players who play like it's the playoffs?
  20. Thought provoking posts! After reading them I find an elephant trying to keep hidden inside the tight spaces of my mind. The elephant has a placard hanging from its side. On the placard there's a text: "20/11 getting badly injured does not injure the Wild. You have been given three wishes..." If I, only a fan, have these pretty heartless thoughts and frustrations, I can only imagine what the players might feel. It also makes me think that maybe the fact that sometimes team mates have pretty vicious fisticuffs has something to do with these kind of frustrations. Anyways I sure wish this 6 year sentence can somehow be solved in a win - win way and not through someone losing his health.
  21. It's always nice to win but Comrie was awful. Still, we need to win most of the time the other team is either weaker than us or not taking us seriously - and today we did exactly that. May the Jests play like they played today in the playoffs
  22. I admit that. The ratio is probably worse than 10:1. That's why we need a Russian ex-player in the hunt for Red October. A Russian who made it in the NHL can find the gems from the duds. The cultural differences will make pick prospect interviews a nightmare, so we need scouts who know the culture and can read between the lines, and can call their pals coaching in Russia and ask if a prospect is good character or not. On offensive vs. defensive play: I love a good defensive team. My all time favourite forward is Jere Lehtinen. There is nothing better for me than to see a Kesler or Mike Peca type of player taking that candy away from a baby like Patrick Kane. Seeing a Kane or a Malkin pout is bigger for me than seeing our players scoring. That is the odd way I'm built. But the thing is that the majority of fans like goals and I believe that the big majority of players want to see goals and most of them play better and enjoy the game when it's more offensive. That is what the NHL wants too. The Wild needs to follow the offensive trend.
  23. For our sake I really wish Suter's slowness is at least partly caused by his TOI hogging, injury and bad conditioning. That would give us the faint hope that he would not achieve that beach ball velocity next season. Six seasons to go...
  24. This, and also the possibility of other being better than us. For example Niederreiter playing with Aho is a much better pair than anything the Wild could have achieved, when he was still playing for us.

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