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  1. There were times when, during his stint with the Flames, playing behind Miikka Kiprusoff, Curtis was highly touted and said to be a starter if he played for another team (Kinda like the hype Jonathan Bernier got when playing behind Quick), at around the same time.
  2. Don't know how to "embed" that properly, but I wanted to hear Waddell and KK about the deal. https://www.nhl.com/hurricanes/video/kotkaniemi-media-availability/c-8920881
  3. The thing with Bergevin was that he was good at trading (except a few blunders) but they weren't able to draft/develop Elite talent. There has been a bunch of mediocre teams, but I never felt that Bergevin did that bad, but he'd only keep things afloat. As for the 2020 offseason, he went All-In in getting Edmundson, Allen, Toffoli and Anderson. He didn't have a team of stars, but a team of hard workers who played the right way. It wasn't a "successful" season, but it was awesome in the playoffs, kinda how it was expected by Bergevin. Yes, the Drouin trade was.. bad. Especially since Marc s
  4. To me, the NHL players to the Olympics. is kinda of a gimmick. A short tournament for whoever wins to pump their chest. Only a handful of team that have a shot at the title. Messes around the NHL schedule, extra strain on the players, all the protocols and all things to settle. All this for that short tournament that I might have a look here and there if I happen to fall on it. Well, as the NHL will be shut down in the meantime, I guess I'll end up watching it.. or some affiliate teams, AHL/ECHL, or the CHL. To summarize, I put as much importance into these Olympics games as I do with the A
  5. It's kinda sad to see KK go.. but despite Dvorak being older, what you see is what you get and he comes cheaper than KK. Things turned out for the best IMO. And, Bergevin was heavily criticized since day 1, so I won't get into the bandwagon. lol - Since losing in the finals, there has been so much criticism on him, that's unreal!! Looking forward to training camp!
  6. This is going to be a headache for Bergevin, but as you said, it sounds a lot like Karma. lol Bergevin stated that it was his last year as GM. After the cup finals, things like drafting Mailloux, Losing Weber to LTIR, losing Danault to the Kings and now KK getting that offer sheet from the Canes. As a Habs fan, I wonder if it wouldn't be better for the kid to go with the Canes, instead of being used sporadically with the Habs, being rushed initially and not always knowing how to use him. Anyway, personally, I wish he stays because I like KK as a hab. I'll have to look at that offer sheet th
  7. It might get expensive by the end of the deal, but Couturier has an elite two-way game, so the worst case is that he gets back to a more defensive role by the end of that contract. After all, Jagr said that, back when Coots was 19, that he was the best defensive forward on the Flyers team.
  8. I don't remember how the Blues protection list was put up. I'm not sure why they let him go, unless he has some injury issues or maybe they didn't like his 5.5 M cap hit. I always thought he was underated. Honestly, a few years back, the Blues let go off Pietrangelo and when I watched the MTL/VGK playoff series, Alex was the most lethal offensive player the whole series for the Knights.
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