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  1. So...the Flyers did win tonight, albeit in ugly fashion and thanks to our franchise goalie (now and hopefully for a very long time). Montreal is a good team (certainly not playing like an 8 seed) and we have a lot to improve on (power play was horrendous) but it’s nice to watch a high intensity game like that and pull out the victory. Let’s not take it for granted in this day and age and just enjoy it.
  2. Flyers then play Fri at 3 pm, Sun at 8 pm, and game 4 is on Tues at 3 pm I guess they’re rotating top tv slots for different fan bases...
  3. Looks like the Flyers start on Wed in prime time, 8 pm Columbus with a short breather, rematch vs Tampa starts Tuesday at 3 pm
  4. http://www.sportsclubstats.com/NHL.html http://moneypuck.com/predictions.htm Pretty decent discrepancy between these two
  5. Extremely frustrating loss last night for a lot of reasons. While it won't matter unless we turn things back around I did notice that the Devils have a BRUTAL road trip coming up: @Nashville @Vegas @LA @Anaheim @San Jose @Pittsburgh Scary just looking at it...
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