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  1. Sad. Never worked out. Puzzling thing for me is..they invested time, money and draft capital on him...why not give him a sniff of playing time this year? If for no other reason to up his value...odd.
  2. A)Scorpions rock, huh? Lol B)I actually live with Domi's 1st cousin so perhaps we can revisit the ghost thing...ha ha.
  3. It's probably way more important to Ontario Flyer fans than anyone else...but these Flyers vs Leaf games are huge for us. To say bragging rights are on the line does not cover it or do it justice. This Sat in Philly (have to work gggrrr) and next Sat in TO (have it off and happens to be my 54 b day!) Last time a Philly team played on my b-day the Eagles beat the Cowboys in OT, 1 min into my day....so we got that going....lol.
  4. Welcome back!! Great to see you!
  5. This might be one of the last chances for Ghost to produce offense of some sort. We all know there are far better defensive options. Ghost simply has to produce pts to keep his spot...and time is running out. At least Morin would provide something of value.
  6. While the league and the Flyers are moving away from the goon per say...you still need grit and Stewart provides that...esp in divisional match ups ...and is dirt cheap. Throw in his stellar shootout scoring percentage and I'm more than ok with this signing. If he provides enen one one point vis shootout or punches the snot out of an opponent picking on a smaller teammate BONUS...and from where I sit both have a good chance of happening. Low risk decent return..no problem with this decision.
  7. More Flyer Fins dammit!! Paging Mikko Kipprusoff to the white courtesy phone plz!!
  8. 1)Its a nice feel good story (just puked typing that) 2)sure he is "good in the room" 3)battle tested vet with playoff experience. 4)you can sit him in the press box forever without hurting his development, unlike NAK etc 5)When he vacations, he stays at the Holiday Inn Express...which shows a keen eye for value.
  9. Totally agree bre. Vs job is to provide leadership and instill confidence in the players in his way of doing things...esp early in his tenure. Done and done. Love the way he says " the vets WILL step up" and we WILL get better at that etc. Haks time felt so rudderless...now we have a take charge dude who commands respect and demands results...with a resume that shows it works ie SCF appearances. It's like night and day. V is not quite as standoffish as fonzie.. but these types inevitably get froze out when the discipline and threats get old...BUT the trick is to win before that happens. We should have a nice 2-4 yr run before that happens...thus, the window opens at least from a coaching standpoint.
  10. A few things Hart does lead me to believe he is the real deal. His side to side movement is elite. His anticipation is elite. His reflexes are elite. Like every successful goalie he needs quick zone exits consistently and minimal second and third chances. He seems to have the type of skill set to take care of the stuff he can control...and that is all I ask. The rest lies of the feet of Fletch and V to surround with players and a system that make life easier on him. I LOVE the way he watches the puck. He is rarely out of position after the first quick pass because his instincts naturally cheat to the guy he knows is getting the puck...add in elite reflexes to that package and you have the beginning of something special.
  11. Much like rad...have to admit I checked out early last year. Just disgusted with the losing to the point I couldn't stomach it anymore. Buying center ice package quicker than Carter Hart jerseys flying off the shelf!! FINALLY....A FRANCHISE GOALIE!! Exciting times people a whole new era in Flyer hockey!!
  12. I think the hard part will be finding the right balance between grit/hard to play against and scoring. The Flyers need the bottom six to contribute offensively but to much skill and not enough grit make the team to easy to play against. Bottom 6 need to score but win the puck possession game...tells me lean towards speed and smarts.
  13. At this point...I think patience is the best course of action...for the team and fans alike...although I cant help wondering if Nolans 3rd C spot and or roster spot will be determined by either Hayes or Frosts ability to convert to wing. Frost is 10x more dynamic than Patrick...so if Frost does not work out on the wing the only course of action would be demoting Patrick to 4th line C or a trade...the latterbeing the most realistic.
  14. The really stupid thing is the rule never existed when Van signed Luongo to that long deal. GMs got hung out to dry after the fact when a new CBA came in.
  15. Off by a half mill on the longer deal...a fair deal IF he produces on offense like his rookie year +.
  16. Well coach...no matter who the guy is or how valuable...you just cant hand over blank cheques. Being fiscally prudent and somewhat fair is indeed the GMs job. If someone is being unreasonable you just dont cave. In Provs case any left over money is mostly going to Konecny...who is a young up and comer in his own right...pay Provs to much and you take yourself out of range for Kons.
  17. Was just tossing stuff at the wall.. Both players have warts. Attitude can be adjusted, especially when your career is on the line. Having injury problems is not in Morins control and may dictate his career path going forward. Rather have a guy with offensive upside than nothing for a 2015 1st rounder...or a 5th round etc. I'd throw Josh on the Phantoms and see how he does...
  18. I would lean towards the agent, but sure...would not be the first time a NHL team employed that tactic.
  19. I think the 10 mill number is sly posturing on the part of Provs agent. All part of the game. If you shoot for the stars with 10...the Flyers are kinda forced to start around 6. I see a longer 5-7 yr deal at about 7.2 and a shorter bridge deal about 7.9 mill. I believe he will be a decent bargain at 8 mill in just a few short years. The talent is glaringly obvious. He hurt his leverage with a poor season...but his agent AND Fletch both know a rebound is inevitable. It is this premise that will score Provs 7 mill+.
  20. Not saying dump Morin right now...BUT if he looks like he might not be in the future plans after an extended long training camp look....how about Morin for Josh Ho-Sang straight up? Both players have warts.. but the talent is there with Josh..if he gets his head on straight...which happens when your back is to the wall in what could be his last chance to secure a regular roster spot.
  21. I think his injury history will not work in his favour...however, valid point...the regime change gives him a somewhat longer leash. I dont think his skating improves much at this point, his ticket to the NHL will be hockey sense and defensive zone awareness.
  22. It is do or die time for Sam. He does not have to be stunning but solid and dependable are a must at this point. There comes a time in every prospects time line that demands progress, regardless of d men taking longer and injuries in this case. We have reached that point. He simply has to put it all together this fall. Another injury would spell his inevitable end in the org...his fault or not. There comes a time when you have to pull the plug. I have been a big proponent of patience with Sam..but the time to deliver has indeed arrived.

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