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  1. What a snipe! If he turns out to be legit the Flyers will have serious depth once healthy.
  2. Bottom line...when you sign up to work for an entity like NBC...you have a lengthy orientation day with the HR dept. These rules are explained ad nauseam...then you sign on the dotted line that you fully understand what has been spelled out for you. That is the way the world works now...like it or not.
  3. It's not a written law...but rather a generally accepted cultural shift towards political correctness...AND sexual stuff is at the top of the PC ladder. Most companies have re-written their codes of conduct to cover their asses in this silly environment. The hot word of the day is harassment. The person being mentioned need not be offended...as long as the language makes someone else feel uncomfortable. This type of language is applicable at my work...you can double damn be sure it is covered in the corporate world.
  4. My employers made it clear to all of us...posts on social media involving co workers that are deemed unwise or derogatory can subject us to discipline and or termination. Podcasts are like social media posts...I would imagine the same rules apply to JR.
  5. Oh...wait...just re-read the story...he made the comments on a podcast...which does change the dynamic a bit. Still cant make sexual references about co workers in a public forum though.
  6. JR is on the air...nationwide on a NBC show in a NBC jacket...thus representing the network...how could he not be?
  7. I agree with you in principal...political correctness is out of control...having said that...prob not wise to include your co worker in a 3 way sex ring dream while on the air...lol.
  8. LOL @ JR...Praised Patrick Sharp for being "beautiful" and added he would not say no right away if Sharp asked him for sex....wtf...lmao!
  9. Sell off Helm and Abdelpooper for a bag of roasted peanuts. I know Helm has not been bad...but his spot can be taken by a kid with actual upside. Even a 7th rounder would be nice. Ditto for Ericksson and any other Wing over 35...lol.
  10. Just wanted to make it clear...NOT the Flyers fault Linds got the big C....to soon? I mean...I let 2 and a half decades pass...lol.
  11. A 5-3 Flyers victory coming up...Mr.hot&cold JVR stays hot with the game winning goal. 2 goals from the new Frost/Farabee/Vorachek line...which I'm calling "2 Rooks & Dr.Hook" line...and at least one...maybe 2 spirited bouts between Lemieux and Andreoff.
  12. Farabee is flat out desperate to acquire the puck, in any zone...and has good hands. Agreed...good things are coming. Love his energy and work ethic!
  13. Different circumstances...but kinda reminds me of how the Detroit Tigers were horrible and no stars would come until the Pudge Rodiguez domino fell. He signed and other stars followed and it was the biggest factor into turning the Tigers into perennial contenders.
  14. Bouchard is gonna be a beast on that Oilers pp! He has already shown signs of being a big time hitter in his limited exposure last year. By far the best skater and puck disperse pp qb on their roster.
  15. I'm only sure it was NOT during the Bester/Wregget years...LOL!
  16. I dont know how early they caught this...but I can make a somewhat educated guess and say if he was not a pro hockey player and subjected to extensive testing...probably would not have found it this early...how many young men in their 20's get tested for something like this? I'm betting not many...so thank the good Lord he IS a pro hockey player...huh? .
  17. They need to rip it the **** down. Start a ECHL goalie until a star #1 franchise center is within their draft sights. Reminds me of the 90's Leafs...just bad enough to barely miss the playoffs but never get to draft the elite players because they are just respectable enough to be middle of the pack draft position wise. This sick cycle can continue for decades until someone has the jam to really...really tank and outright suck.
  18. I get how bad the whole Akim Aliu situation was...but this thing sure seems like it is getting out of hand. Just waiting for the first "I was benched because of my religious belief that snails are divine creatures that leave a trail of godly goo wherever they go!" Every single word or look a coach gives will now be poured over to assure it did not offend or belittle...wtf.
  19. Can he Boldy go where no prospect has gone before? Guess not...unless the snack counter at Boston College games count...lol.
  20. Yeah...if there is ANY spot to NOT do a quicky nepotism hire...it is head of scouting...lol.
  21. Very smart for the up and coming Flyers to insert maximum skill into the line up. Especially the top 9 forwards. There is some growing pains with giving top minutes and pp time to pure rooks...but Frost and Farabee ARE the future...so let's get this prerequisite learning curve outta the way and let these fine talents figure out the league. Nice to be winning while this is happening...a big plus.
  22. Agreed. This is a classic trap game for Philly. In recent history, I would bet on the Flyers against a top 5 team before taking a risk on a team like the Sens. YES...straight up maddening the Flyers lose more than their fair share of these "easy" sub .500 games. Perhaps we can throttle the Sens with a 7-2 thrashing. It would go a long way in my journey to believe this team is "for real".
  23. Thanks! I read up on every single teams prospects from multiple information sources...but still really nice to read an individual knowledgeable fans perspective. Thanks for taking the time. I dont know the history of the Wild scouts...but I would assume Guerin brought in most of his own guys. I have a good feeling about Guerin...but until he proves himself there is obviously a big question mark...with the prerequisite 3-4 yrs to fully implement the regime change.
  24. Kidding, of course. Very nice to see the Wild prospects being discussed at such length. Amazing they have such an electric prospect such as Kaprizov....after years of meh and bland picks. I was high on Greenway a few yrs back ....and still way to early to write him off...but not the dominant power forward I thought he was.
  25. Ummm...I believe this thread can be merged with shortest book ever....thx.

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