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Atlantic Division Precision

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Let's try to rank the league's most geographically dyslexic grouping:


1. Tampa Bay

2. Boston

3. Toronto

4. Montreal

5. Florida

6. Ottawa

7. Detroit

8. Buffalo


Your numerical take?

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Let's get a bit outside the borders for this one:


1. Florida

2. Toronto

3. Tampa Bay

4. Boston

5. Ottawa

6. Montréal

7. Detroit

8. Buffalo 

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Judging by these posts, I think it is fair to say that TB, Fla, Bos, and Tor are the consensus top half of the division.
I concur with that.

Bottom half?
Consensus also seems to say Buffalo will be THE bottom feeder...and I can't say I can dispute that either.

Ottawa, Montreal and Detroit will all jockey for not being as close to Buffalo and who can get closest to the top half.
So....I am in agreement, right down to the team orders, with @Brewin Flames :

1-- Tampa Bay (Hard to bet against the two time champs...especially when THEY believe they can three-peat)
2--Boston (I think having new blood in goal and some very hungry players with extra toughness brought in will really spur these guys)
3--Florida (They are a rising team, no doubt. If they stay healthy, they will be a pain in everyone's arse this season)
4--Toronto (Could possibly rate higher due to their high offensive potential, but I still think their lack of distinct defense is their Achilles Heel...and their goalies? Not sure...)

5--Ottawa (Gonna go on a limb here because I do like the Sens' spirit last year. Younger guys come in with a year more of experience and they DO have talent)
6--Detroit (Could be an almost mirror image of the Sens, except I believe Ottawa is further along the development curve)
7--Montreal (Poured everything into a run that came up empty last season, lost some key vets, others not returning or injured, and now, they have to rely once again on youth, not much different than Ottawa or Detroit...except those teams have had that youth movement going steadily and longer than the Habs have.)

8--Buffalo (Do I REALLY need to explain this one???)

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1. Bolts (until proven otherwise)

2. the other Fla. team not named the Bolts (have the pieces there... comes down to the movie title ..."what about Bob" in net....)

3. pro-rating the Laffs here.  They will score BUT ...will the Soupman be the answer in goal.  Agree with @TropicalFruitGirl26 D-fence will once again be their Achilles heel.

4. Chowdertown - see Laff, Tronno.  Carbon copy.  They will be able to score, lets see what Ullmark can do now that he has a decent defense in front of him and his out of the NHL version of purgatory.

5. Habs - no price = no playoffs.  Do you really trust Allen?  Nice young squad could be rally dangerous in another year or two.

6. Land of the Octopus and Wing Dings ---- Big Ned and the rest of the team might surprise some.  Will certainly be better than the last two teams.

7. Sens - young team + ???? goalie = no playoffs yet again, BUT they will improve.


8. NHL Purgatory - Buffa-BLOW.  Again as @TropicalFruitGirl26 mentioned do we really need to explain this one.  This is going to be one FUBAR SNAFU season for them. .... AGAIN.


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1.  Panthers -- first team in history to have more points than people who attended the games?


2.  Lightning -- might be Toronto here depending upon how much the Bolts kind of relax until it matters.


3.  Les Impuissants -- the all foreplay all the time and can't get it done Maple Leafs will have another all bluster no muster season. Possibly good enough to slide into second.  Just enough to get their delusional fans all revved up only to be left panting, but unfulfilled as they watch random cars pass by from their lawn chair on the parade route.


4.  On se souvient des habitants -- Am I more bullish on the Habs than others here, or am I even more pessimistic about the Bruins than others?  I think depending upon Price's health that they'll do enough to finish ahead of the Bares.


5.  Bruins -- I don't think they're the same team.  They may still have enough, but I think Hall long term hurts them.


6.  Senators -- Detroit could finish above them depending upon how long Tkachuk sits out and how long they pretend Murray is still a goalie.


7.  Red Wings  Are they lucky or unlucky that they're in the same league as Buffsolow?


8.  Buffalo Pain in the Necks -- there's really nothing to say here. Pathetic ownership.  It's hard to imagine a more poorly run team. And this with the knowledge that the Ottawa Senators exist.


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