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Playoff Predictions Conf. Semi-Finals

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NHL Conference Semi-Finals  

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  1. 1. New York Rangers vs Washington Capitals

    • Rangers Sweep
    • Rangers in 5
    • Rangers in 6
    • Rangers in 7
    • Capitals Sweep
    • Capitals in 5
    • Capitals in 6
    • Capitals in 7
  2. 2. Philadelphia Flyers vs New Jersey Devils

    • Flyers Sweep
    • Flyers in 5
    • Flyers in 6
    • Flyers in 7
    • Devils Sweep
    • Devils in 5
    • Devils in 6
    • Devils in 7
  3. 3. St. Louis Blues vs LA Kings

    • Blues Sweep
    • Blues in 5
    • Blues in 6
    • Blues in 7
    • Kings Sweep
    • Kings in 5
    • Kings in 6
    • Kings in 7
  4. 4. Nashville Predators vs Phoenix Coyotes

    • Predators Sweep (impossible now..Coyotes took game #1)
    • Predators in 5
    • Predators in 6
    • Predators in 7
    • Coyotes Sweep
    • Coyotes in 5
    • Coyotes in 6
    • Coyotes in 7

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Predictions for the next round? Was an extremely exciting first round. Lets see what happends during the Conference Semi-Finals.

Rangers vs Capitals:

Both teams had a tough first round. Even tough I would love for the Caps to win, I just believe the Rangers are a better team. Gonna be another tough series if the Rangers can't get some PP goals.

Rangers in 6

Flyers vs Devils:

Flyers are playing extremely well offensively. The only question mark is where is which Bryz we get. The Devils have that pesky trap, but the last few years we have succeeded against the Devils in the playoffs. This could be Brodeurs last playoff series. Though he is still a very good goalie, he is not the brick wall he was several years ago, The Devils do not have the depth the Flyers have. How will the long layoff affect the Flyers. They need to come out of the gate strong at home.

Flyers in 5

Blues vs Kings:

I'm very interested to see how this series plays out. The Kings took out one of the Stanley Cup finalists from last year in Vancouver. Do Richards and Carter have something to prove? Again I think goaltending is gonna be a great battle. Quick vs Elliot (I am assuming Halek is still hurt). Although I'm gonna go with the Blues, I will not be surprised if the Kings pull out another upset. I say this series goes 7.

Blues in 7

Predators vs Coyotes:

Can the Preds build on the success from beating the Red Wings. Off all the series, I though the Preds had the easiest of the remaining teams, however, I see that the Coyotes took game 1. I still think the Preds are gonna win, but it now looks like Mike Smith is the real deal in Phoenix. (Bryz who ???? )
Could be a tougher series than I originally thought.

Predators in 6

Feel free to discuss!

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well you can knock me over with a feather because the capitals are in the 2nd round, i thought they were too dysfunctional and holtby would be too much of a question in goal. that said i think the Rangers play this new found capitals style better than the caps and will win the series.

the devils still have some flyer killers on the roster but they aren't as deep as the teams that cause the flyers nightmares in the late 90's early 00's i think if the flyers move their feet they will win but it will take 6 games.

i think there will be a total of 14 goals scored in the blues kings series, the kings are hard to bet against because in spite of their year there is some offensive talent on that team, they've played tight games all year, and truthfully aside from htichcock, oshie shatenkirk i don't know al whole lot about the blues except that hitchcock likes defense. so i think mike richards screws hitchock again kings in 7

i think the coyotes are doing it with mirrors and the preds are too balanced, they have 2 good scoring lines a good defense corps and great goalie , phoenix wins a couple of games but are never in this series, preds in 6

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I want to pick the Capitals, but I just can't.

I want to pick the Coyotes, but (even after they won game #1) I can't.

I should pick the Blues, but I'm going with my heart, not my head. Go Kings, go!

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Rangers vs Capitals:

This is going to be a fun series. Dale Hunter has instilled discipline and the players, for the most part, have bought into that. It's interesting to see Ovechkin having a new role, where his ice time is not even close to what it was for the past years. The Caps will check hard and will make the Rangers fight for every inch of ice if they want to advance. Lundqvist will show why he is the best goalie in the NHL this year and he will win some games.

But, having seen how much of a hard time the Rangers had against a much weaker Ottawa, I can see this being an upset. The Caps have players who can shut down the Ranger's first line, and after that, the Rangers don't have much. Ottawa showed the Rangers are not invincible. Washington in 7.

Flyers vs Devils:

It's hard not to like the matchup. The Devils don't have an advantage in any area. Their defense is hinged on Zidlicky and Bryce Salvador, and Volchenkov, who will be asked to carry the load and will log some major minutes. Surprisingly - at least to me - the Devils were one of the better defensive teams during the regular season. But because they are fairly thin offensively, their defense will have to be basically perfect. They were able to pull that off against Florida, but I wonder how much they have left in the tank.

The Flyers are deeper and fresher, and I just can't see the Devils' defense not crumple under a sustained pressure and forechecking. Brodeur looks average and will no longer bail them out game after game. Even without Grossmann (which should be ready), the Flyers should have no difficulty at all grabbing a firm control of this series and keeping it. Bryzgalov needs to be good (no softies please), but he doesn't have to be inflappable. I am not sure why I am giving the Devils 2 games. Flyers in 6.

Blues vs Kings:

This is a battle of two excellent coaches, x's and o's coaches, who will come up with an intricate blueprint for the series in general and each game.... Looking at the Blues roster, with David Beckes and Andy McDonald being their best players, I marvel at how Hitch is doing it. Yet, they have been the best team in the league since he took over. The Kings will try to be more agressive. Each game will be a close game with not so many goals scored. I can see multiple OT games. But I think this is going to be the series in which Jonathan Quick makes a name for himself and utterly outplays Ellis/Halak. Kings in 6.

Predators vs Coyotes:

An interesting series. I always admired Dave Tippett's style in which it looks almost like the entire team collapses in front of the net to protect the goalie, and then organizes a quick counterrush. And with the likes of Whitney, Vrbata, Yandle, Doan, and Ekmann-Larsson, they can certainly do it againts the Predators. The Coyotes will play a tighly checked game and harass the Nashville's forwards in a neutral zone. Rinne is good...... actually VERY good, but it won't matter. Coyotes in 7.

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Rangers vs. Caps: I would love to pick with my heart, but I think the Rangers will step up from their first round performance. Rangers in 6.

Flyers vs. Devils: I am scared that I really can't find a single person who is picking the Devils. But like everyone else, I just can't see how the Devils can compete with the Flyers if both teams play like they did in round one. Flyers in 5.

Blues vs. Kings: This time I am going with my heart, as I really want to see a Flyers East vs. Flyers West Stanley Cup Final. The storylines would be endless. Kings in 7.

Coyotes vs. Preds: The Coyotes took game 1, but I think The Preds are a better team overall, and their offense will improve as the series goes on. Preds in 6.

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Wow! ZERO love for the devs!!! No O&B glasses on this forum!! ha ha

based on the performances in the playoffs the dominant performance vs the pens in game 6 and that the devils struggled mightily with a thin panthers team it is no wonder no one is picking NJ.

getting zayjac back is going to help NJ's offense no question. but there will be match ups where our guys will have a big advantage, it is the luxury of having 4 very good lines with offensive punch.

just like the series vs the pens i think our team has more good players and will find a match up to exploit.

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The thing is, need I say it? - Goaltending. Marty is beatable, obviously. But Bryzgalov is potentially a Bryzaster and our backup has not fared well against Jersey. I can't remember much about the games Bob started vs. the Devils this year but they weren't good. So, matchups, lines, Devils "hybrid trap" vs. Flyers "Uptempo Attack" aside, it comes down to Bryzgalov. Will he give us a chance to win these games? To do that he just needs to make the stops an NHL goalie is expected to make. We don't need him to be a hero only adequate. That isn't asking too much is it?

FWIW the guy has an unbelievably good record against the Devils this year - at one point he had stopped 75 out of 76 shots. That ain't bad! :)

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I'm very sure the Rangers are going to the conference finals. The Caps don't have the answer for Lundqvist and the physical, shot blocking defense. I'm pretty sure the Flyers will be there too but will lose unless Bryzgalov finds his "A" game by then. I'll say Flyers over Devils in 6 but it could be 5 because Kovalchuk is near useless and Marty is gaffe prone.

Coyotes are heating up at just the right time and they are getting good goaltending from Smith (whose luck handling and never quit style would have been a nice addition to the Flyers' line up at a fraction of Bryzgalov's cost) and I see them disposing of the sudedenly struggling Preds in 6. Rinne needs to get hot to get his team back in the series or it will be over even quicker. It was only one game, but I see LA advancing. Quick is playing so well and LA is another team that seems to be gelling at just the right time. They have had a good line up all season but it has been less than the sum of its parts until now. Coyotes versus Kings would be a great WCF.

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