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Cup returns to Kenora, 105 years later

Guest flyercanuck

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Great to see Mikey have his time with the Cup, nothing left for this guy to win....has done it all now! He will have to have a great second half of his career to get HOF consideration, but wow, multiple World jr Golds, World Championships, Memorial Cup, Calder Cup for AHL, Olmypic Gold, Under 18 Gold....and now the ultimate....the Stanley Cup, one of the great winners of of the modern era of hockey....he deserves all the accolades he gets!!

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Good for Mike. The guy has won everything, everywhere, since he put on skates. I have mad respect for that. Plus he's Canadian.

Other than his pathetic face-off record, where he doesn't appear to be trying half of the time, he is in fact the closest thing to an exact replica of Clarkie that has existed, for far. I've been critical of him for showing poor leadership, e.g. insisting on living downtown with his posse, which makes him different from Clarkie, who loves the suburbs I imagine.

But he's won everything! Maybe he's just lucky.

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1907 Stanley Cup Championship banner stolen in Kenora, Ont.

Police are asking for the public’s help in locating the 1907 Stanley Cup Championship Banner.

Ontario Provincial Police say the banner was stolen from the Whitecap Pavilion in Kenora, Ont., sometime between Friday evening and Saturday morning.

The burgundy and white banner is about two metres long and a little under a metre wide.

The Kenora Thistles defeated the Montreal Wanderers to win the Stanley Cup in 1907.

Police say a Canadian flag and a Los Angeles Kings Stanley Cup flag were also stolen.

Anyone with information is asked to contact provincial police or Crime Stoppers.

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.theglobeandmail.com/sports/hockey/1907-stanley-cup-championship-banner-stolen-in-kenora-ont/article4490794/?cmpid=rss1&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter'>1907 Stanley Cup Championship banner stolen in Kenora, Ont.

That's pretty messed up right there. Hopefully the banner is recovered, and the culprit is beaten publicly.

I was such a hockey stats geek as a child that I actually knew Kenora's team was the Thistles....and I'm a stupid American! Admittedly I wouldn't have gotten the 1907 right though......

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Ya think? You ever been to Kenora?

Not quite, probably close enough though, went to our cabin nearly every weekend growing up which was located adjacent to the border lakes and Voyagers National Park. Also had relatives that lived in Fort Frances.

I'm sure there isn't much of a difference, eh? lol.

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KENORA, Ont. -- Ontario police say a 1907 Kenora Thistles Stanley Cup banner and a Los Angeles Stanley Cup flag that were stolen last week have been recovered.

The items were swiped from a Whitecap Pavilion in Kenora, Ont., during two separate incidents on Aug. 17 and Aug. 18.

The banner was found last Thursday and has been returned to the northwestern Ontario city.

The flag will be given back to its private owner.

Police are not releasing who took the items or whether any charges will be laid.

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