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Most overrated by team- Western conference


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Easy subject- each of these are my opinion, please jump in with yours!! Western conference today, Eastern in a couple.

Chicago Black Hawks: Brent seabrook. Heck of a nice complimentary player but 7 million a year for a two or three blueliner, way pricy.

Detroit Red wings: Jimmy Howard. A product of the system. 35 plus wins three years in a row is more the product of the team than him. Until he picks the team up and carries them he is overrated.

Columbus Bluejackets: Derick Brassard. Whiner and complaigner about ice time, career high of 17 goals always a double digit minus player.

Nashville Predtors Mike Fisher. I know he is a leader, but a career 2nd/3rd line center more famous for who his wife is than his ability on the ice.

St. Louis Blues Chris Stewart Takes dumb penalties at the wrong time, streaky scorer, can disapear from the sheet for weeks at a time. Two many holes in his game.

Anaheim Ducks: Jonas Hiller. Had a wonderful run a few years ago, looked like he was gonna go to another level, has really fallen on hard times and the Ducks keep waiting on a bounce back from vertigo.

Dallas Stars: Derek Roy. All the talent in the world but disinterested in playing the game more often than not. Can take over a game when he feels like which is not often enough.

Los Angeles Kings: Dustin Penner. See Derek Roy, above. Injured himself eating pancakes. Really.

Phoenix Coyotes: Shane Doan. All the fuss as a UFA last summer over a 50 point a year pushing 40 guy who still takes dumb penalties ala Chris Stewart eluded me.

San Jose Sharks: Ryan Clowe. The most overrated player in hockey IMO master of the stare down and cheap behind the play stick wacking, offense seems to be completely gone.

Calgary Flames Jay Bouwmeester Tenth season in the NHL makes 6.6 million a season and has never made the playoffs. Not once in a decade in a league where over half the teams are in.

Colorado Avalanche Erik Johnson. First pick in the draft in 2007 by the Blues, Traded to Lanche for Shattenkirk and Stewart, four seasons in has 27 goals and is a -27 player.

Edmonton Oilers Devan Dubnyk. The Oilers will never take a step to the next level until they get a real net minder, he is goalie by default as Khabibulin is 86 years old and Tyler Bunz is a project who is years away.

Minnesota Wild: Dany Heatley. Has not aged gracefully, will not be around by the time the team is ready to truly compete. An albatross around the club at a cap hit of 7.5 million for this season and the next, Since 2006-07 his goal production has went down or stayed the same every season.

Vancouver Canucks David Booth.Was supposed to be a star for Florida, when traded to the Nucks I groaned and thought the rich get richer. Instead injuries and soft play have doomed him to third line duty.

Thats it, thats the West. I am sure I missed the mark on a one or two, anyone wanting to jump in and have a little fun please do! I will do the East on Thursday

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It's kinda early to put a youngster like Drew Doughty on this list.....but, the stats bare out something is wrong. Hard to believe it's his 5th year in the league. Half a decade of Drew Doughty....already, that is shocking to me. Anyways....he broke in with 27 pts, then 59, 40, 36 and now 8 pts in 18 games. His second year he was getting .71 pts per game, it's now at .44 a game, so that's a BIG drop off in production. It's not all about pts by d-men as we all know, but having watched 4 Kings games this year, Drew is not nearly as involved in the physical play in his own end, he was a lot more physical a few years ago....AND, the all world smarts don't seem to be as elite as they once were. Don't know what is wrong, but his play has really taken a drop, all round...geez, he's not even fantasy hockey relevant anymore, a Free Agent in most non keeper leagues. So, I count him as overrated because his name carries more weight/value than his actual play.

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@yave1964 I like the Bowmeester pick, he truly is overrated. He fits a bit better than Giordano, but wow, this guy makes 4 mill a year for the next 4 years and has a whopping total of 3 pts on the year. That is a pace to finish in single digits! This, all from a guy who is supposed to have some offensive flair to his game, run the second pp etc. He does not play a strong all round game either, so maybe not overrated, but overpaid for sure. Never seen why there was ever a bit of a fuss over this guy....below average from the start...4 mill....pfffff.

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