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Best 'Superpest' in the game today

Guest yave1964

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I love third and fourth liners who get no pub, guys like Drew Miller who kills penalties and can pot the occasional goal, in the shadows of his teammates, unheralded but valuable. Andrew Shaw, Gregory Campbell, Boyd Gordon has driven me nuts for years, I swear sometimes it seems that Pavel was trying to play inside of Gordons Jersey, Gordon would be playing him so tight. Underrated, players who you have to have to win.

My favorite grinder in the game today is an obscure one, Vladimir Sobotka. Kills penalties, plays against top lines and can still pot the occasional goal for a little guy not afraid to get a bit nasty if he needs to. Love the guy. Reminds me for all the world of Maltby but with a little more offensive ability. Glad to be away from him conference wise. Tied with Stewart as the toughest Blues player for my Wings to play against.

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I love third and fourth liners who get no pub


That's another reason to hate shootouts, and 4 on 4 fiascos.  That third line worker is probably the main reason that a team has held on for a tie.   And he won't see overtime  ice while the 1st and second line guys who failed to do their jobs and produce goals are given the unfair chance at being heros.   

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As a habs fan, its gotta be Marchand... I hate this guy's guts, but thats only because he does is job so well. Gets under your skin and has no problem embarrassing a goalie or two.The one problem I have with Marchand is his lack of character. Has no problem diving all over the place, but calls out others who do the same. 

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Right now, I would have to say ...


Alex Burrows (a key player in the Hawks-Canucks rivalry)


Brad Marchand (from last season's Cup finals)


Justin Abdelkader (He always seems to be a thorn in the Hawks' side in our matchups vs. the Wings)

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Gotta go with Alex Burrows as well...good combination of ability and agitation.

Marchand is a good pick as well.


Had he stayed in the NHL, I think a VERY underrated super pest was Leo Komarov who was on the Leafs last season.

The guy always seemed to be able to draw a penalty without taking too many bad ones himself...mainly because he annoyed the holy crap out of the opposition all game long.

Oh, and the guy was VERY good in the face off circle as well.


As for future elite super pests, I don't know if I would go with Zac Rinaldo. Honestly, the guy IS a pest, but in watching him, I don't get the feeling he is a particularly bright one. The guy is more impulsive than calculating, and in the long run, he will be more of a liability to his team than an actual valuable agitator/fighter.

Now if he can tame his stupidity a bit (sorta like Steve Downie had) then perhaps.


Some other budding elite super pests: PK Subban (he may be there already!), and I'd even dare say the Lightning's Richard Panik...not many know about Panik, but the guy can play, he can be physical...AND he can be seen taking that extra shot or two at the opposing players...then acting surprised when someone facewashes him or takes a shot back at him.


An under-the-radar pest like Panik is slowly proving to be, can be quite valuable to a team loaded with offensive talent like the Lightning.

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