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Martin St. Louis Skates in 1,000th Career NHL Game


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Is St. Louis a HOFer? That is the question at this point in his career.


How many Hart Trophy winners aren't in the Hall?


Looking back, I guess one could question whether Lindros makes it, but his Hart was in a shortened season.


348 goals, 932 point, Hart Trophy, a Pearson Award, two Art Ross Trophies, three Lady Byngs, a Stanley Cup, 68 points in 63 career playoff games, six All-Star Games, should IMO land him in the Hall with no troubles.

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Is St. Louis a HOFer? That is the question at this point in his career.


I think so, yeah. Not only are his numbers impressive, he's remained consistent throughout his career. Not many guys are amongst the league leaders at his age. That's impressive for anyone, let alone a guy his size.

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Congrats to MSL...1000 games...a true testament to the man's durability, conditioning, will to win, and overall skills.


The man nobody wanted oh so many years ago...he found a home on a joke of a team known as the Tampa Bay Lightning...saw lots of adversity, persevered, helped bring a Cup to Hockey Bay, USA, and has consistently been one of the reasons the Bolts have gotten out of the 'doormat' and 'vacation spot for aging and subpar players' category in the NHL, to be a pretty good organization, though obviously, not always the best team on the ice.


Still going strong, Marty is...for how much longer? Who knows...but for the here n now, THIS Bolts fan is sure happy to still have him.

He is the last remaining member of the 2004 Stanley Cup winning team....and here is hoping he can hang on long enough to see the team win one more with him onboard!


As for the HOF? Sure, why not...I think his stats speak for themselves....throw in his intangibles and the fact that EVERY successful small player in the NHL seems to be compared to him, and I think you have a sure fire HOF'er.

First ballad? I don't know...the writers can be pretty strange about that..but whether first ballad or not, I expect to see his name in the Hall shortly after he calls it a career.

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In addition to being a helluva hockey player, he's also a nice person.   He comes back to Burlington to help with the youth programs and is friendly and kind to the kids. 


His Dad  went into the mills to work when he was a child.  


They are special people.

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I watched one of his games the other day. He made several great passes. Boston's Lucic was steamrolling toward the blue line and Marty picked the puck from his stick. It was really a slick, clever play.

The "experts" declared him too little, and he proved them wrong. The last couple of years, some have questioned his age, and he's blown that canard to bits.

Whether he's seven or five and a half feet tall, his statistics and his record should make him a shoo-in for the HOF.

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