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Record since Zac went down?


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Im Not Saying He's The Answer At All. All Im Saying Is That He Brings It Every Shift Of Every Game.Talent Alone Doesn't NecessarilY Make You Win, It Takes Chemistry with A Team Sport Too.

And I've Done My Share Of Drugs :)

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Rinaldo is the closest thing the Flyers have had to a heart since Lappy. Just to be clear, neither guy wins you games, but they both have that "it" factor that doesn't show up on stats. I doubt this streak is more than coincidence, but I won't be surprised if his return provides a bump to the guys on the team.

To the guys that have played team sports at any level, he's the glue guy that is always working, just for the love of the game. The guy who you can't look in the eye if you've ever slacked off, out of self-guilt. And, the guy who when something finally goes his way, gives your whole team a lift.

Easy on the Rinaldo hate, focus on Rosehill.

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On Another Note. I Liked What Carey Williams Did For Us This Year. Did U Guys Miss Him At All?

Did U Get To Any Games?

I hated Williams. He was too slow to play/start corner, but could have been a decent safety in my opinion. I didn't go to any games this year, trying to save some money.

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If his 7:30 of average ice time is that essential to the team, they've got much bigger problems than missing Zac Rinaldo.



Hey damn you don't forget his -12 he has worked hard for that and people like you just pass it off as just accidental...he has only lost the team lead in that category cause he's been out with an injury but mind you when he gets back he'll easily resume the lead AND DON'T YOU FORGET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :ph34r:

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Hay maybe it's because the other people on his shift as taking a break while he's skating his a$$ off....   just saying



That and having to skate with a boat anchor on one wing (Rosehill) and Sid the sloth (Adam Hall) as your center ain't gonna help those numbers that for sure...


....and the other ass clowns (pick one) skating as your fellow Defensemen....he's lucky his +/- ain't worse.

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