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The Minus Players


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The image is from http://prohockeytalk.nbcsports.com/2014/04/02/heres-a-bunch-of-other-minus-players/related/




Edler, Yandle and Spezza are surprising to me to be on the list.  

Yandle surprises me as I always liked his defensive play. But keep in mind nobody on that team can score and +/- depends a lot on your team scoring when you are on the ice and playing defense. Yandle is leading the team in scoring because he is being forced to take chances when they are down a goal(Which is most of the time)


Edler does not surprise me at all, and Spezza is expected in my eyes. Ovechkin is godawful this year

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  I'm shocked to see Kulikov on this list. Love his play, a really nice mix of skill and physicality. He looks like one of those young players that has lost his confidence and really needs a change of scenery at this point in his career. He could easily be a plus player on a different team. Would love to get him on the Flyers defense.

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Well MacDonald has only been a -2 since arriving in Philly. That is not to bad when you consider he is paired with Luke Schenn night in and out.......


Statistically speaking, Shcenn was a +1 before MacDonald and a +1 after MacDonald. But I do think that MacDonald helps Schenn more all around (not just the +/- area). Also, most nights, I am content with MacDonalds play. He makes good break out passes, is relatively mobile, generally positionally sound. 

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