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The Flyers might have been named the "Sabres"


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This is a good read by Meltzer on the origin of the Flyers team name.





When the National Hockey League awarded a conditional expansion franchise on Feb. 9, 1966 to a Philadelphia-based group of bidders (Philadelphia Hockey Club, Inc.) eventually led by Ed Snider, the new team did not yet have a name.



In the months that followed, the organization pondered a variety of names; none of which quite conveyed what Snider and his business partners wanted. The internally proposed names, according to Jay Greenberg’s landmark Full Spectrum, included Sabers (the Buffalo Sabres franchise was not created until 1970), Lancers, Raiders, Royals, Knights, Bashers, Bruisers, Blizzards, Icecaps, Huskies, Keystones and Liberty Bells.




I'm sure glad they didn't go with the Liberty Bells,  as we would have had the Broad Street Belles.  :hocky:

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15 minutes ago, TropicalFruitGirl26 said:

Fortunately for many here, the name "Sabres" was NOT used for the current Flyers.

You guys would have looked PRET-TY silly giving a certain Buffalo fan a hard time about his Sabre homerism, no? 



Of course not. He'd be a Flyer fan.


And you know how they are...



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