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  • 2019 NHL Mock Draft

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  • HF.net 2019 Mock NHL Draft


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    4_Devils.gif?_cb=1528503527 BobbyClarkeFan  
    4_Rangers.gif?_cb=1528549960 bbgarnett  
    4_Blackhawks.gif?_cb=1528549960 AJgoal  
    4_Avalanche.gif?_cb=1528549960 hf101  
    4_Kings.gif?_cb=1528549960 FD19372  
    5749c4438b338_4_RedWings.gif?_cb=1528549 yave1964  
    4_Sabres.gif?_cb=1528663548 ruxpin  


    4_Ducks.gif?_cb=1528549960 Hale  
    4_Canucks.gif?_cb=1528549960 bbgarnett  
    4_Flyers.gif?_cb=1528549960 BobbyClarkeFan  
    4_Wild.gif?_cb=1528549960 CreaseAndAssist  
    4_Florida_2.gif FD19372  
    4_Coyotes.gif?_cb=1528549960 AJgoal  
    4_Canadiens.gif?_cb=1528549960 Hale  
    4_Avalanche.gif?_cb=1528549960 hf101  
    593d3f608117b_4_GoldenKnights.gif pilldoc  
    4_Stars.gif?_cb=1528549960 yave1964  
    4_Senators.gif?_cb=1528549960 CreaseAndAssist  
    4_Rangers.gif?_cb=1528549960 bbgarnett  
    4_Penguins.gif pilldoc  
    4_Kings.gif?_cb=1528549960 FD19372  
    4_Islanders.gif?_cb=1528549960 OccamsRazor  
    4_Predators.gif AJgoal  
    4_Capitals.gif?_cb=1528549960 BobbyClarkeFan  
    4_Flames.gif CreaseAndAssist  
    4_Lightning.gif hf101  
    4_Hurricanes.gif?_cb=1528549960 yave1964  
    4_Ducks.gif?_cb=1528549960 Hale  
    4_Sabres.gif?_cb=1528663548 ruxpin  
    4_bruins.gif pilldoc  


  • 2019 NHL Draft Notes

    1st Round Traded Draft Picks
    # 4 - The Colorado Avalanche receive the Ottawa Senators 2019 first-round pick as part of a three-team trade. The Senators received Matt Duchene from the Avalanche, and sent out Kyle Turris, Shane Bowers, Andrew Hammond, a 2019 third-round pick and the 2019 first-round pick.
    # 19 - The Ottawa Senators receive the Columbus Blue Jackets 2019 1st round pick (Top 3 protected), conditional 2020 1st round pick (if Duchene re-signs), Vitaley Abramov and Jonathan Davidsson for Matt Duchene and Julius Bergman. *If the 2019 first-round pick ends up in the top three, the Senators will get the Blue Jackets 2020 first round pick. The conditional 2020 first round pick if Duchene were to re-sign would then become a conditional 2021 first round pick.  
    # 20 - The New York Rangers receive the Winnipeg Jets 2019 1st round pick, Brendan Lemieux and a conditional pick for Kevin Hayes.
    # 22 - The Los Angeles Kings receive the Toronto Maple Leafs 2019 1st round pick, Carl Grundstrom, and rights to Sean Durzi for defenseman Jake Muzzin.
    # 29 - The Anaheim Ducks receive a Buffalo Sabres 2019 first-round pick (If the pick is between # 20 and # 31 the Ducks have of option of SJ or STL. If not it's the San Jose pick.) and Brendan Guhle for Brandon Montour. The Buffalo Sabres receive the San Jose Sharks 2019 first-round pick (conditional - SJ making the 2019 playoffs, if not defers to 2020. A condition was already met when the Sharks re-signed Kane), Danny O'Regan, and a conditional 2019 fourth-round pick for Evander Kane.
    # 30 - The Buffalo Sabres receive the St. Louis Blues 2019 first-round pick (top 10 protected), 2021 second-round pick, Vladimir Sobotka, Patrik Berglund, and Tage Thompson for Ryan O'Reilly.
    * - The New York Rangers receive a conditional 2019 first-round pick from the Tampa Bay Lightning (If the Lightning win the 2019 Stanley Cup - a 2019 second-round pick if they don't), Vladislav Namestnikov, Libor Hajek, Brett Howden, and a 2018 1st round pick for Ryan McDonagh and J.T. Miller.
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