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  1. No doubt Nueverth is hot right now. Right now is the key part of that sentence. There's a reason the Caps let him go. He was hot for a while there and then... That said, why not play him until he implodes? He was spectacular last night against Chicago.
  2. Anyone for Jesse Boulerice? Except for this fight: [Hidden Content]
  3. I'm on the fence on this one. Ultimately I'll go on the side of not trying to get him now. It would be interesting seeing him and G on 1st and 2nd PP units. I hate to think of who we'd give up for what has to be a steep price. For now, I'll wait see how the rebuilding process pans out along with the new coach and younger players coming up in the next 2-3 years.
  4. Tough choice between Stevens and Niedermayer but I have to vote for Stevens. Like Ruxpin stated, his physcial play was indeed the difference.
  5. I voted yes on this poll. Some years ago I remember a playoff game...might have been Edmonton vs. St. Louis... where a pair of coincidental minors had 3 on 3 in overtime. Pretty cool to watch. Not sure how good it would be as the norm. Like other posters; I prefer an OT period with a tie if nobody scores. The shootout, in my opinion, took away the pleasure of a penalty shot.
  6. I'd add Ron Sutter to the list with Clarke and Poulin.
  7. Does anyone else think the term and salary are a little low because of his injuries the last few seasons?
  8. I like this signing. Saw a lot of him when he was with the Caps. He couldn't nail down the starting job but he was decent. As long as he's happy being the backup here; it should work out well. Like the other posters; I wish Emery well and we all would have enjoyed a healthy, mature Emery in 2010.
  9. Many good comments here. I like the way the Flyers are playing this time of year compared to other years. Great game to watch yesterday! Hate the shootout too. It's like ending a tie basketball game with a slam dunk contest. What's so bad about a tie game?
  10. I like the moves the team made so far this offseason but still think Vinnie's contract was a bit much... well, until I saw the Clowe and Horton deals. Defense still concerns me a little but there's tons of rumors about a trade involving that position so we'll see what happens. Have to admit I like the goalie situation going into this season. Mason is capable of pitching shutouts and Emery seemed very capable last season when he filled in for Crawford. Granted Emery had the 'hawks D in front of him but the game or two I saw he was very sharp.
  11. For Bryz (or any goalie) to steal a game, he needs a lead. I'm only referencing last night's game not the entire season but he did not have a lead to work with. MIssed the game but from what I've read on this thread; he didn't svck.
  12. Don't know of any top 4 D-men available. Guess this guy helps round out the rotation on defense. I honestly cannot remember seeing him play.
  13. Not crazy about this but not *that* upset either. The best I can come up with is I guess it's cheap insurance in goal.
  14. @jammer2: Yes, wish we had that problem. @flyercanuck: Thanks again!
  15. @flyercanuck Thanks for the info. Never saw or heard of Jordan. I did watch the Canada - Russia game and thought the goalie brother (sorry, never caught his first name) played outstanding.

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