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  1. It could just be a spot in the schedule with an injury to Gudas where they figure they can call him up and reward him for his play with the Phantoms. Perhaps he will finish out the regular season before getting sent back down for the Phantoms run but I'm not prepared to read into this move too much right now.
  2. The reality is the vast majority of athletes (male or female) that train on a full time basis for sports don't get a steady living wage paycheck directly from their work in their sport or athletic field. Professional athletes in major sports leagues are the exception not the rule. Unfortunately for the ladies, women's hockey is not viable as a money making enterprise and because of that it is hard to justify employing them as full time paid employees earning a living wage.
  3. I don't know that Hakstol is going to be the guy to lead the Flyers to the promised land but I think it is evident that the issues that have plagued this team (slow starts, 5v5 struggles, poor defense, inconsistent goaltending, etc) is not a coaching issue. These symptoms have carried over from regime to regime... the common denominator is the personnel. They have made tweaks to the roster here and there but largely they have been going to war with the same group for the last 4 seasons and this collection of misfit toys is simply not talented enough to be a shoo-in playoff team let alone a c
  4. Could he have done more with 5 million next season? I think the major reason why Hextall was willing to do the deal was because of the weak UFA forward class following this season. Having Filp in the fold for one more year at $5 million was deemed by Hextall to be more desirable than paying between $4-$5 million for 3+ years for a UFA whose skill is not that far better than Filp. That was my biggest takeaway from the trade along with the unspoken acknowledgement that Couturier is not the answer as a 2nd line center.
  5. Exactly. I see Streit as the only potential move. There are no contenders that need a goalie now and teams that are not playoff bound are not going to send an asset for a goalie(s) that are going to hit the market at the end of this season. MacDonald's contract is too rich so he is a no go. MDZ has either been unhealthy or ineffective this season. If it wasn't for the Flyers taking a chance on him late in FA a couple years ago he was on his way out of the league. Not exactly a guy teams are going to have much interest in. They likely have equally capable options within their organizatio
  6. Also Carter started his career in Philly where Voracek arrived with a couple years of NHL experience under his belt.
  7. The question is whether or not Giroux's drop off statistically can be attributed to a decline in play due to getting older/injuries catching up or if the talent around him is just not good enough. His best year was playing with Jagr and Hartnell. I didn't have a problem getting rid of Jagr or even Hartnell. The problem is they never replaced either with equally offensively capable forwards. Raffl's 20 goal season was a one year wonder. Read's goal scoring has completely fallen off the face of the earth. They have 2, 3rd line centers in Schenn and Couturier. One of which is a PP speciali
  8. Boston hosted the 2nd Winter Classic against the Flyers at Fenway in 2010.
  9. I'm surprised we beat this team at home earlier in the season. The Flyers just don't have the team speed to keep up with a team like Edmonton. No one in the league has the speed to keep up with McDavid. That kid can absolutely fly and the ability to harness world class skill plays while moving that fast is really something to watch. Thank goodness he plays in the West.
  10. I think the 3 bolded are gone regardless. Why get rid of Manning? He doesn't cost you much and he is perfect in a 5/6 D position. Ghost is a RFA and will likely get a decent bridge contract. If Provorov continues down his path he is going to eventually be owed a hefty increase. You have to consider beyond next season. I'd love to have Shattenkirk in O&B but not at the expense of being unable to lock up the homegrown D corps. Also their defense as currently configured is currently near or leading the league in scoring by defense which is Shattenkirk's best trait. If he comes in you
  11. I didn't understand him starting Mason against NJ. To me that was the perfect time to give Stolarz a start. If Mason was deemed to be healthy I have no problem with Hakstol starting him last night. He is their #1 goalie and should have the work load of a #1. I don't think his early struggles last night were because he wasn't fresh but because he wasn't sharp.
  12. Technically they lost 2 (regulation to Dallas and SO loss to Nashville), but I agree mini skid is a misleading headline. They managed to get points in 11 out of their last 12 games with 10 of those games being 2 points.
  13. I wouldn't say he is underrated... maybe under appreciated? I know some people will get on him and say he's not a 1st line winger and hate the fact that he often plays on G's left side. While he is not a true 1st line winger that is not his fault that by default he ends up getting that spot. That is more of an indication of a team need that the Flyers have not been able to address via FA (lack of cap space) or through the draft (needing to bolster D as a priority). The fact that Hakstol trusts him to play on G's wing would indicate that he is not underrated among the decision makers in the
  14. I would be fine with that deal, however, my guess is Mason will command and get more. So then it really comes down to if the Flyers want to be the team that meets his demands or if they let him walk. I'm on the side that if he wants more than 3 years, $15 million you let him test FA and start looking at other options.
  15. If I'm Hextall and the Flyers front office I have a number in terms of dollars and years in mind for Mason but if he wants more dollars and/or years I'm not budging. You can certainly do worse than Steve Mason but I think you could perhaps have someone as good or potentially better in a couple years under team control waiting in the wings. I don't see Mason as the long term answer for this team that Hextall is building to be competitive for a number of runs.
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