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27 minutes ago, Pedo 228 ERQS said:

How come nobody  is talking about how bad Travis Sanheim has been this year -16 so far and -22 for his career

Maybe because he's been partnered with Myers-who has been worse?

There are layers of stink, Sanhiem isn't even in my first 4 scrapes, you know?

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I give him a year or 2 more. First, I don't think he's had any level of coaching since coming here. 2nd, IMO he needs a season or 2 with a guy like Jamie Oleksiak who can show him how to use his big body effectively, including putting a little snarl in his game. 3rd, IMO he has not seen any effective or proper professional game leadership in the room since he got here. 

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In fairness to both Sanheim and Myers...they looked like our best pairing last year. ONE YEAR AGO. Whatever the F is going on with that team has clearly swept through everyones head and needs to be lobotimized.


I sure wouldn't just give up on both of them. There's plenty of dead weight that needs to go before I reach their names.

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4 hours ago, OccamsRazor said:


I think that is hopeless.


Once you have made it to 25 and have none there is no hope you will change.

There may be some truth to what you say O.R., but I will say this if I'm Sanheim. I would hesitate to wade into something on this team. You could find yourself in a 5 against 1 scenario if you're on the ice with 28 & 93. Nobody has shown any moxy for 10 years, not since Richards and Pronger left the building. As Canuck said, I am jettisoning 15 other guys before I get to Sanheim.

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Well this should be an interesting contract for him coming up. 


Sanheim has arbitration rights so we'll see if he uses them or they work something out.


I will say I have been disappointed with his and Myers play for sure.


But the mess at forward needs to be sorted out as a priority.


And the maybe biggest priority is getting a #2 defenseman to skate along side of Ivan.


Sanheim are ok as #3 and #4 D men now they just don't need to be paired together.


I can see Morin and Myers as the 3rd pair till they both improve.


So what becomes of Hagg, Braun and Ghost we'll guess we'll see.

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