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Flyer vs Caps preseason


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So it does seem like Sandstrom starts in net. Exactly the guys in goal i want to see in tandem. Tippett playing on his off wing.


74 Owen Tippett - 13 Kevin Hayes - 52 Tyson Foerester
62 Olle Lycksell - 21 Scott Laughton - 57 Wade Allison
44 Nic Deslauriers- 58 Tanner Laczynski - 52 Hayden Hodgson
71 Max Willman - 81 Jordy Bellerive - 76 Isaac Ratcliffe

9 Ivan Provorov - 77 Tony DeAngelo
6 Travis Sanheim -55 Rasmus Ristolainen
24 Nick Seeler - 54 Egor Zamula

32 Felix Sandström
33 Samuel Ersson

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Good lord that 2nd was some awful hockey from the Flyers. I wasn't expecting polish but I did expect some jump, some effort. That was a total dud. Against the Hershey Bears basically. Forwards stranding the D time and time again...passes off the mark...PPs that looked like last year or worse.


I get it. It's preseason hockey. It's supposed to look bad. But not THAT bad. Jeez.

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Haven't had a chance to sit down and watch between the wife and tween daughter....even the cat.


Down 3-1 Flyers have them right where they want them.


Worst lead in all of sports. So @Podein25 my friend use to tell me.







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who should get top line forward minutes? i didn't see anyone on our team who fit that description.


result was as expected. doesn't matter the lineup or the opponent. the result will be the same and hoping for anything else this year will just invite an ulcer.

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I don't even care about the result just the lack of energy. This roster didn't play last night but the effort, the energy - it looked like a scrimmage.


I don't know how many SOG the Flyers ended up with but I doubt it was >20. Time of possession must've been like 80/20 in the Caps' favor.


One bright spot was Wade Alison he worked hard on his shifts, skated well was driving the net...all the stuff I thought we'd see from these kids who are supposedly auditioning for a roster spot. Going by tonight's effort they must all be a lock - or else they just don't give a damn about a roster spot on the Flyers. I guess in a way I can't blame them lol!

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Everything is going to be ok i'm sure they have a plan. There is good news.



So he won't get the issue fixed so this will allow this to linger into 2023-24.


Where by then he will finally get surgery but between now and then well in and out in and out the Flyer way.


Got to love it.



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I'm at work so didn't really get to watch the game today.


But at least now they can put Troy Groesnick however you spell back to where he belongs in the AHL.


Sandstrom closed the door in the 3rd.


I expect more cuts later.

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