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Maatta hit (injury)


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Did anyone else think this was a suspension worthy hit? It seemed like Nino Niederrieter cross checked him into the boards. I don't think the back up goalie who was opening the door had any malicious intentions but it certainly added to the shot Maatta took. Any way you look at it, it was a crosscheck. At least that is what I thought you called it when you jammed your stick with 2 hands into the back of your opponent........





I have no problem with solid clean checks but IMHO this was not.

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that hit was late and unnecessary. i won't buy any "maata put himself in a bad position bs either" .  that was a bad play, Neiderieter should hear from Shannahan and he should be suspended.  too close to the boards as pods said, and a good 2 count after the puck is away, there's nothing "finishing" there. 

the door thing...that's unfortunate, i don't even know what to think about that, was probably looking for the door handle when the hit took place and by then it's too late.to do...what ?


that Maata kid must be related to Dupis somehow, his injury luck is terrible, i hope he's okay.

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I don't see a suspension, but I do see a conversation with the powers that be. Not a brutal hit, but an unnecessary and stupid one.


Poor guy can't catch a break.


"Maatta" is Swedish for "Are you f------ kidding me?"


True story.  ;)

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Man, how many ways can this kid get hurt.  Tough break on a useless and pure reckless play.  Can't even call it a hockey play because it was a useless hit.  


I was very disappointed at Nietereiter's comments about it though. 

"It's unfortunate, the whole situation; I pushed him then I went for a change," Niederreiter said. "I think he toe-picked at the same time and the door was open, and he obviously fell into the boards. That's what happened. You never want to see anything like that. I feel bad, but it's unfortunate."


Toe-picked?  Really? You shove a player with a cross check in the numbers from behind into the boards and injure him, and its not your fault because he toe-picked?  Sorry, I have no respect for a person who cannot accept the blame for something that is he fault.  
Now I wish he'd have gotten suspended for it, so he could never again say "Hey I'm not that kind of player". 
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